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Where to get Honda keys cut in Sydney?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by JohnnyBravo, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. Hey, I'm not sure if this is in the right section or not but here goes.

    I have a CBR250R (so obviously an import), I was just wondering if anyone knows where I could go to get keys cut?

    I've tried numerous locksmiths/keycutters and a honda car dealership around the sutherland shire, with no luck. It's becoming quite the headache, has anyone found anywhere around sydney that does it?
  2. Try a motorbike shop that sells Honda bikes and get a blank. They can usually order them in and then any keycutter/locksmith can do it.
  3. I didn't think of that. Thanks for your help, I'll give it a shot over the weekend.
  4. There wouldn't be anything special about that key so any locksmith should be able to do it for you and would more than likely have suitable blanks.
  5. Open yellow pages.

    Look up Locksmiths.

    Call number.

    Ask if they do motorcycle keys.

    Wait for one of 2 answers:
    - Yes
    - No

    If "Yes", attend premises for the purchase of desired service.
    If "No", thank the person, and move to the next phone number listed in the phonebook.
  6. Phonebooks? Conversations? What are these things you speak of?
  7. Yup any locksmith will do 250rr keys no problems.

    Its the injected HISS ones that will cause you headaches, can only be done by honda bike shops. I've got an extra honda key (the blank cost $60 I believe), then you've got the cost to get it cut, so about $20 I guess, then honda has to encode the key, thats $99.95 from a honda dealer. You can only have 4 keys coded to each ignition unit (including originals), so if you lose both then lose both replacements, you're out 2 grand for a new ignition unit (new cost), or finding a second hand one with keys and changing the locks etc.

    Moral of the story? If you have HISS, don't lose your key.
  8. I got a hey cut for the Hornet, with HISS, cost me around $60 (may have been more, can't remember) for the blank, $25 to get it cut at a locksmith but only $15 to get it coded.
  9. Ahaha! Thanks for the tip mate. Haven't got mine coded yet, I'll ring around a few honda dealers to see what prices they charge.. I knew I shouldn't have trusted freedom mc/s..
  10. Shame you're in Sydney, I got mine coded at Metro Honda in Ringwood, (well their workshop actually). I originally thought it was $50 but it turned out to be $15. I need to check my hearing me thinks. Would assume the same prices through all dealers?

    Unless you were quoted around $100 all up, as in the blank, key cut, then coded? But I guess $99.95 is too specific for a "quote".
  11. No definately $99.95 for the actual coding, as the guy knew I had the blank and that it was cut already. But this is a dealer that I avoid unless its an emergency as they are known rip off merchants, but the only honda dealer in my area. I go to the city for uni though so I'll definately call them tomorrow and get a quote. Cheers.

    Also, FMI, which bike was it?
  12. '02 cb900.
  13. No need for sarcasm, I said I've already visited a few locksmiths. Problem is I've only got a 250r, 2 of the locksmiths I spoke to said they can only cut the non-imported models (don't know how true that is, I thought they'd have the same keys).

    I thought someone may have had previous experience with it that could have helped instead of calling 10 or 15 locksmiths in the yellow pages.
  14. i got a spare key cut for my cibby for $9.00. takes about 5 mins...

    on Pitt st in Haymarket, very close to World Square.