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Where to get Honda CBR250RR keys cut?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Set0, Jan 4, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    I was wondering where to go to get some spare keys cut for my bike, as i only got one key, (btw im a noob), would the local locksmith stock honda motorbike keys? or would i have to find a specialist?

    and how much am i looking at to get some spares cut?

    and advice or comments on this would be greatly appreciated
  2. Dude i got my spares cut at a hardware store .. just ask most , places have blanks and if not they will order one for you
  3. most locksmiths will stock aftermarket keyblanks that will fit ur rr u could also possibly go 2 a shoe repair place that cuts keys but being a locksmith myself i would suggest a locksmith, being that they can garantee their work, try looking in the yellow pages for 1 that that advertises automotive specialists n they should stock suitable blanks u could be looking at anywhere from $7.50-$12.00 though
  4. thanks for the help. yeah locksmith was the way, most of the local hardware and shoe repair places didn't stock after market keys
  5. how much did u end up paying if u dont mind?
  6. there's this little shop that's great for all keys in Darwin :rofl:

    Just ride up there and give me a call for directions :bolt:

  7. lol mate thats classic
  8. i actually had trouble finding a place that would get my key cuts (cbr250r).

    i tried a few places, and also rung around. I ended up going to a locksmith in Chatswood (sydney; archer st locksmiths).

    cost me about 8 or so bux to cut it
  9. Most locksmiths ignore bikes, but there are specialists out there who can seemingly do anything. Ask at you local bike shop who they outsource their work to.

    This will be very important if you ever lose your key entirely....
  10. *ring ring*

    Hello, Mr LockyMcLockLock's Locksmithing, how may I help you?

    Hi! Do you copy motorcycle keys?

    Yes we do. Usually costs about $8

    Great, thanks! Oh and also - is your refrigerator running?...
  11. yeah it cost me $8 and done in like 5min