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Where to get HID kits?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by $lash, Sep 6, 2009.

  1. Im looking to do a HID conversion on my r6 & I tried searching for any info on HID conversions and found nothing. Anyone know where I can get some here? I have found some in the states but shipping is quite expensive and I have heard the ballasts arent that good either.

  2. motosweeney check the banner ads ;)
  3. They are also available on eBay. Not sure about the quality.

    Also unsure if we are allowed to post eBay links but no doubt someone will tell me off and delete it if inappropriate. Example:

    Click right here
  4. Be aware that HID retro fit kits do not comply with the ADR's and render your bike unroadworthy.

    You have to get caught but you have been warned.
  5. I've got 4 ebay HID's on the 4x4, and they seem to be holding up well (considering how often they go swimming).

    I've only popped one ballast. Emailed the HK based seller, had a response within 12 hours, replaced within 5 days (inc postage times).
  6. Wow appreciate the heads up, but seriously why ? Better beam, stronger light .... is it the risk of dazzling other road users ???

    Anyone been caught that this forum has heard of ?
  7. oh..i never knew that.
  8. i installed some on the gixxa, bit of a pain job but the benefits are worth it, amazing change in light power and looks...

    ebay kits ftw, just install a relay so you dont go popping fuses
  9. Haysey: have you ever been pulled up for them yet?
  10. The ADR's require the lights to be self levelling so that they don't blind oncoming drivers. This is the reason you only find HID's on high end vehicles due to the cost of complying with the ADR's for them despite the advantages.

    As I said in my OP you can fit them but you've been warned in the unlikely event you get caught. Sooner or later the Police will twig to this and start looking for it (they are pretty easy to spot riding up to a Booze Bus for example).

    Do a search of this site on HID as there has been a few discussions on them in the recent past with more info.
  11. I have bought 2 HID kits off ebay and found the quality to be very good with the only problem being the relay not being water tight and rusting. The kits I bought have the slim balast. The company name was Euro-X HID Xenon system.
  12. do u remember how much u payed for them by any chance?
  13. I just paid 50 delivered for a slim ballast h4 kit from ebay. Could not be happier. Night and day is the effect.
  14. nope not yet, damn it looks brilliant though, can almost ride with a tinted visor at night hahahah
  15. what wattage bulb did you go for? Any1 got any pics?
  16. I had a kit on my zzr1100, which used the hi - lo beam setup.

    Was great on low beam, but the hi beam was very little difference, and have since gone back to using the standard bulb for hi - lo, although a better quality bulb.

    My HID is a 6000k bulb, got it from ebay.
  17. How hard are they to install? Do the harnesses just plug in or do you need to cut n solder?
  18. The kit I got , everything was just plug in, apart from a positive and negative feed.

    Took all of probably 10 mins to install on my bike....
  19. The kit I got was 6000k. Nothing to solder join. The wires are plug and play and takes power from the h4 bike socket.