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Where to get helmet approval sticker?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Ckramer, Mar 3, 2009.

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  1. I am looking to buy a helmet (Nolan N102 white), which cost at least $475 in every shop I can find.
    Then checking on Ebay it's $350 delivered form Italy. $125 difference.
    Usually when I import bike parts, the price difference isn't that much. Obviously with helmets Australian prices are over-inflated.
    Basically we're paying this racket $100 for the approval sticker that cost 10 cents.

    - Can I bring my helmet to RTA or something and get the approval sticker on it? Is there some organization that will do it?

    - Anyone ever got stopped by police and actually was checked for sticker on your helmet?

    - How much is the fine if you got no sticker?
    If it's $100 or less then importing without sticker will justify that.
  2. They're about $400 down here in Melb.
  3. Even though it is almost guaranteed to be the same helmet, no, it is not possible to have the helmet tested at the RTA. Or anywhere else that I know of.

    It is illegal to ride without a helmet that meets Australian Standards. Yes it is just a sticker, but that's the law regarding them.

    I have never been stopped but I have heard of people being checked.

    Why not ring the RTA? :LOL:
  4. Actually the law says it's against the law to ride a motorbike without wearing a type approved helmet.

    It doesn't actually specify Australian standards type approved.

    There's been some debate around this issue related to visiting riders wearing helmets with DOT or Snell standards ratings.

    It's not as black and white as it might first seem to be...
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  6. There's a whole lot of testing that goes into that 10 cent sticker.

    In the current economic climate, I would be buying local to support locals. It is locally available & you will make more money next week.

    I don't know what you do for a living, but how would you feel if it was outsourced to China or imported from Italy?
  7. I paid ~$390 for my N102 back in December last year - I would shop around :)
  8. Provided you only get busted once...... :roll:

    Don't think when they pull your name up on their computer the second time that they aren't gonna check that specifically the second time also?
  9. The discussion around the type of approval I mentioned was actually in NSW, it seems Victoria learnt from NSW :)
  10. Myself and two other riders were pulled over in Lorne once for a licence and helmet check.

    It does happen.
  11. would giving the excuse that the sticker flew off (due to rain and wind) be acceptable? :oops:

    for the record, i am from overseas, and yes my helmet does not have the sticker, however i am thinking of getting a helmet locally. :p

    hehe cheers!

  12. Don't I pay $1000 in road taxes yearly already?

    I go to local dealer if I need to try on some bike clothing before I buy over the net.
    With overseas shipping and taxes it will cost less. Some bike $100 bike parts have $100 markup at dealer. Clothing prices are on par with net, but helmets prices are ridiculous.

    Dealers just use "expensiveness" and "remoteness" of Australia as excuse to inflate prices beyond reason.

    So why should I support local dealer who want to ride me? I vote for import with my wallet.
    Actually I am managing a software outsourcing company.
  13. NSW also requires the sticker or proof of AS passing affixed:

    That is taken from the NSW Motorcycle Rider Handbook. It also states:

    It can be viewed at: http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/licensing/downloads/motorcycle_riders_handbook.pdf

    Also, for all those who said that the Australian Road rules aren't clear enough:

    That is part of the Australian Road Rules 2008 and can be seen at:

    And finally if you have an accident and your insurer or the other party insurer finds out you weren't wearing an approved helmet they will consider you not to be wearing any helmet at all and may refuse your claim.

  14. Anyway, the answer to the question is apparently that a 1%er in QLD runs a little stall at rally's selling AS stickers for a few bucks a sticker...

    Anyone know where they can be got closer to Melbourne?
  15. Road taxes are separate to getting a helmet tested for Australian Standards.

    I see... If I was a dealer & people just came into my shop to try stuff on to get the sizing, then buy overseas I would be mighty pissed off. The pricing is a vicious cycle; you buy over seas because it's cheaper, dealers in Australia aren't moving enough stock, price goes up...


    Anyway, back on topic, I'm sure if you shop around you can find a legal helmet for the right price, & manage to support local business at the same time. If you are so inclined. Which I doubt.

    As to the sticker, there is also a label sewn in the helmet which verifies AS.
  16. Nah, there's this big "VOID" that is underneath it.

    Swap stickers?
  17. Doesn't applying stickers to helmets affect helmets?
  18. In Victoria you can have either the sticker or the sewn in tag (or both obviously). I have correspondence from VicRoads affirming that the tag on its own is OK.

    In NSW I believe just the tag is not enough and you need the sicker as well. I'm not 100% on that one though.

    As far as pricing goes, the price on the N102 has gone up recently - I've been debating getting one and I understand that it's gone up by about $70 in the past month or so.

    If you are found to have a fake sticker, my understanding is that there are other (more severe) penalties that they can hit you with. Perhaps one of the lawyers around here could comment.
  19. Hi Ckramer

    I was in exactly the same position as you, so I'll tell you a bit about my own experience, and hopefully, to save you from making the same mistake.

    I was after a white coloured Nolan N102, and the cheapest I could find any N102 two months ago was for $400. However, the $400 N102 was only available in black. I went to MCAS, and it was the same week that Nolan increased the price on their helmet range, so MCAS said that they could give it to me for $480. I thought "bugger that, I saw it on Ebay from Italy for about $A340," so I ordered my helmet from the Ebay retailer, and it arrived a touch over a week later.

    However, in the interim, I looked closer at the laws, and in NSW, your helmet MUST have the AS1698 sticker displayed - not just the sewn in tag. It was quite specific regarding that the "AS1698 STICKER" be clearly displayed. Unfortunately I don't have the patience to find the link for you at the moment, but with some perserverence, I'm sure you can find it yourself.

    So, once my helmet arrived from Italy (by the way, it's quite a nice helmet), I had a sinking feeling that I would not be able to take my helmet out onto the road legally, so I contacted Standards Australia to see if I could get my helmet certified. The following is the reply that I received from them:-

    Dear Mr. X

    Thank you for your enquiry to Standards Australia.

    It is my understanding all helmets sold and worn in Australia must be labelled with the AS1698 standard sticker. Australia has one of the highest standards for helmets in the world, and part of the requirements for a manufacturer to be able to apply the AS1698 sticker, is to supply the Australian Standards testing lab a number of helmets, drawn at random, from each batch of helmets manufactured. They then undergo testing to ensure compliance.

    Standards Australia is involved in the development of Australian Standards however we are not a government agency or a regulator and we are not involved in the certification or testing process in order to determine compliance with Australian Standards and Regulations. Standards Australia do not issue the compliance sticker for motorcycle helmets, this is supplied by SAI Global in conjunction with the testing body in your state.

    SAI Global can be contacted at:

    I have been in contact with SAI Global who advise that it is not possible to test helmets in order to have the sticker applied as this would destroy the helmet. The only option really would be to contact the supplier/manufacturer in the US to see if they can or will test for compliance with AS 1698.

    You may also like to to contact Motorcycling Australia http://www.ma.org.au//AM/Template.cfm?Section=Home and the Fair Trading Authority in your state as they are the regulatory body for motor cycle helmets http://www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au


    So I decided that, although it was a waste of time and money, I would have to buy myself ANOTHER N102. I went to Bikebiz in Parramatta, and they had a white one in my size for $475. I told them that The Helmet Warehouse had it for $400, and with that Bikebiz offered it to me for $410. I told them that I drive past the Helmet Warehouse a couple of time a week, so I think I'd just purchase it from there instead. On hearing this, they agreed to match the Helmet Warehouse, and I payed $400 for my white Nolan N102.

    Now I have two, and there is a slight difference. The chin-strap on the one from Italy has like a seat-belt buckle release system, whereas the Australian one has the double ring and strap system that we're more familiar with.

    Oh, and the Helmet Warehouse currently has it in either matte black or glossy black for only $350: http://thehelmetwarehouse.com.au/store.php?crn=229

    My advice - save yourself all the hassles that I had to go through, and just bite the bullet and buy it locally.

  20. https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?p=965086#965086

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