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where to get fairing from? 01 zx6r

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by jaeyon, May 2, 2008.

  1. hi guys/gals. need to replace the upper nose piece fairing on my bike. its a 2001 model kwaka zx6. im in sydney as well (liverpool area but will travel if there is a cheaper place).

    dont find if its a copy etc

    thanks in advanced

  2. anybody?
  3. There is a yellow book near most telephones and there is an online version as well. Cant remember what they're called but recall something about fingers walking.......................

    Seriously, where have you tried? Most wreckers are linked. Ask 1 and they should be able to track one down. The bit you're after is a "top" fairing.
  4. ah thanks. haha yea yellow pages not sure why i didnt look there.
  5. hey dude have you still got the top fairing. Is it just cracked/and/or damaged. when I first bought my bike it had huge issues with the fairings - cracks, snapped pieces and basically unusable. There is a company in smithfield called Mototech and they do plastic welding. My fairings now are absolutely amazing and look brand spanking. you would never know they were damaged.

    Just a thought if you still have the fairing but are unable to source a new one or second hand for a reasonable price. (I couldnt get any that were in good shape for my ZX2R.
  6. i dont think it can be repaired as a chunk is missing off it. called bike biz. they wanted $1029. also spoke to rc tuning and the guy said he might be able to get me a fibreglass copy.

    anyone else have any ideas? worst case scenario ill have to send a money order off to the us, way cheaper over there. dont know why some ebay sellers wont take paypal though
  7. hmm site seems to be unavailable (or my work firewall doesnt let me on)
  8. man that is so ridiculous! $1029! wow.

    hey why not try these guys. Ring John at Mototech. The reason I still say give them a ring is that myfront fairing had both of the indicator holes smashed out (with a piece prob 3 inches by 3 inches rough estimate missing) They welded a new piece to it and like I said you would never know.

    Their number is 9725 5600.

    Maybe just try and see what they say whether they can help before you shell out that amount of cash or go o/s for a fibreglass copy.
  9. ok managed to source plastic fairing (aftermaket) kits from ebay over in the states. got a little too happy and ended up buying 2 different kits (i want to get my bike on the road asap).

    if anyone is chasing fairings for 00-02 twin headlight zx6's ill have a kit up for grabs in 2 weeks so shoot me a pm