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Where to get decals made in Melbourne?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Conorkc, May 28, 2014.

  1. Never got this done personaly but a search turned up this guy. Might be worth a look. http://www.barneys.com.au/sticker-and-label-printing/decal-printing/

    Are you changing the colour of the green metal bracket from your review :) Looking forward to seeing the mods when you are finished.

  2. Ha! Nah, the bracket is staying green. I'm in the early stages of doing a review of a Royal Enfield at the moment. There's so much material in that bike!

    Thanks for the link - I'll give them a call tomorrow and check them out.
  3. No worries, Looking forward to the Royal Enfield review (y).
  4. i dont think it warrants its own thread, but...
    is there a place i can get custom carbon fibre things made. i want a carbon fibre key so i dont have to worry about it bending. for the storage space lock not the ignition.
  5. No idea, sorry mate! Start a new thread though - you never know your luck.

    For anyone who might be interested I had a look around and DIY stickers, but had no confidence that they would actually be able to stand up to being left out in the sun without fading.

    So instead I'm getting it painted by hand. Should be interesting - the tank looks like this:


    And I'm getting a variation of this...

  6. I ended up getting it hand painted instead. Surprisingly affordable.

  7. That is very nice work, are having a clear coat sprayed over this for protection or will the paint stand up to weathering on its own?
  8. Apparently the paint is very resilient to weather and even petrol. But I'm going to clearcoat over it, just for my own sake. Next up I'm getting the rims powdercoated black. One at a time, as I don't have a front stand!
  9. I've got about three sitting in my shed you bloody idiot! Come & get one if you want to both rims at once.

    Oh, tank looks amazing BTW.
  10. Hmmm... A front stand could be handy for the next time I need to pull my forks apart - which will be as soon as I can get the time to work out a new set of shim stacks and order the extra shims I need...
  11. It's alright MV - I found some bricks. Shhhh. It's not as bad as it sounds.

    Worst part today was carrying the two wheels for a km to Intyre Motorcycles to get the tyres removed. I've got a car tomorrow so I'm going to pick them up and then off to powdercoat the rims black!