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Where to get clamps for lights?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by dryfter, Apr 17, 2014.

  1. I want to hook up a couple of forward-pointing white lights to my bike, to augment the headlight at night, and make the bike more visible in the daytime. (Sick of cars trying to merge into my lane when I'm right-f*cking-there! Happens way less on my other bike with better headlights, although that might be unrelated)

    Anyway.. where can I get some clamps that'll go around the forks, so I can attach the lights?
    I've tried order a couple of different sets off ebay, but they were both way too small for my forks.. which aren't that big really.

    Does anyone know of good places to order this stuff?

  2. Try thirdgear.com.au . They have a good website with all stock showing . Warehouse is in Tullamarine and they are friendly and helpful .
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    Actually, I've already posted in a thread earlier, about the legalities the lights. I do do *some* homework you know!
    I'm sorry if the forum I selected was incorrect, but I thought it seemed like a pretty good choice - I am looking at making modifications and asking advice regarding them, so you can see why I thought it'd belong there..

    Thanks blackdog -- I appreciate the pointer, but I'd actually already tried them.
    When I checked last, they were only selling clamps of the sort I wanted along with some lights, but I already have some lights of a type I want to use.
    They have some separate clamps, but I have actually already tried those (from a different seller, but identical) and discovered the forks on both my bikes appear to be bigger than the maximum 43mm the clamps fit.
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