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where to get cheap oil filter??

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by troy, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. hi
    i was doing my oil service when i found out the price for an oil filter was
    i mean i used to do my service for the car and a oil filter was around the $10-15 mark...
    now my question is....
    does anyone know where to get cheaper oil filter??
    look im not asking is cheaper better?? as for the cars there were soo many generic versions ... that worked just as well / better then the orginal item

    cheers everyone

  2. Was that a Suzuki one or just a generic?
    If Suzuki, find somewhere selling a generic one.
    If thats the price of generic ones, your out of luck.

    Mine cost $12 for ZZR250, they are just the paper element, they dont come in a can. Can ones probably cost twice as much.
  3. yeah $26.30 was for an genuine suzuki one
    im still looking for a generic version...
    mine was like a car oil filter but smalller....
  4. Troy,
    try Dynobike, they have HiFlo oil filters, still not real cheap though.
    BTW genuine Z750 filter $30 thank you very much. :evil:
  5. sweet but where are they located??
  6. Unfortunatly that's not far off the mark.

    I think about $24 last time from MCAS which I'd bet would be the same as yours.

    Someone did mention the K&N ones are a bit cheaper and they have the handy nut on the front of them. That what I'm going to try next time.
  7. man i been trying to find them
    where are u getting urs??
  8. Good point, they are in Moorabbin.
    Just had a look (www.dynobike.com) and they want $20 odd so unless you happen to be down that way no real savings I guess.
  9. no real big save there but still about 6 bucks
    i might do a trip down there one day and just buy 5 at once..
    now oil filters shouldnt have a life expendency .... right :LOL:
  10. I know you didn't want to hear about cheap filters, and that's fine. However, every filter comparison I have seen has had cheap filters bypassing in as few as 2000kms or less, so you may as well just not replace teh filter.
    Not to mention the size of the particles teh cheaper ones dont filter. Cheap filters have also been known to split with reasonable regularity.
    No big deal trying to save a few bucks on non genuine, but be sure to buy a brand make aftermarket one.
    Ask yourself, would you use Big W motor oil in your bike? And if not, why would you use Chung Hwa filters?

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. $20.00 - $26.00 i am thinking that it is not a big deal if that worries you what are you going to spend on oil :shock:
  12. I get my bike serviced by the Dealership so I don't change the oil myself.

    But $30 odd bucks???

    A bit better than having your engine seize.

    It isn't that much when compared to a new donk.
  13. How do you know that generic 'work' better than original items?

    Check the scheduled servicing for your bike. You might find that they only recommend a filter replacement at every 2nd oil change. Leaving the filter in for longer will save you $15 every oil change.. won't make your bike run any better or last any longer though..
  14. Yo Troy...Come see me on a Saturday man. I work at Bike Mart in Ringwood
  15. mate where is bike mart?
    and will u be working on this saturday..

  16. I use the K&N oil filter, as well.
    The nut on the end does come in VERY handy. :wink:
    Mike Darcy at OCD Racing in Oakleigh sells them.
    Can't remember how much they are though..... :oops:
  17. K&N have had a bad wrap on Triumph newsgroups - when cut open they don't appear as well made as other brands.

    You could also email or ring Ryco - have the part number from your oem.
  18. You going to use cheap oil as well? Might as well. You can save even more by foretting about every second service. Of course then you'll need a new bike every year, but that's not entirely a bad thing...

  19. lol and not to forget the cheap helmet ..... the k mart wet weather gear .. and the second hand tyres
  20. You don't always get what you pay for and it's surely reasonable to ask forum members if they can you help save a few bucks, for heaven's sake.