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Where to get another key... - There's got to be a better way!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by parko, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    I've just gone and got myself an upgrade, a k7 gsxr 600. The problem is, is that the previous owner only had 1 key... I've contacted a Suzuki dealer and they've asked for just over $230 to produce another. The bike has an immobiliser so they apparently need to get another transponder key from Suzuki and program it directly from my bike! Surly there as got to be another and cheaper way! Any suggestions?

  2. I think you are stuck, it is the nature of these new electronic keys that the key needs to talk to the engine management unit to disable the immobiliser. To prevent any key from working the bike and the key need to be paired together. You are stuck with paying whatever the bike dealer wants to charge.
  3. My car has one too, got a couple copies without the immobiliser done just so i have a copy, but as for fooling the immobiliser, if it was so easy, the immobiliser wouldnt be much use now would it.
  4. Technology, isn't it wonderful.
  5. $230 thats cheap, try getting a key to a modern car now days.
    1. Buy key $250
    2. Cut key $100
    3. Reprogram chip $200
    not mentioning the hassle of organising ****en list of document to show your the owner
    yes love technology, cant even disconnect the car battery if you do $150 to re-calibrate the gearbox
  6. what?!
  7. Dude...nothing you can do except find a decent Zook dealership that won't completely raep you..

    Transponders are a pain, only thing I can think of is to shop around and see if anyone on ebay has a spare blank with a chip in it, might save you a few bucks. The cutting/calibrating is still going to cost though IIRC.
  8. There are some places around the world that will supply and program a replacement key much cheaper. However, they need an existing key to do it, I believe. The Suzuki keys do seem to get reported as a particularly difficult problem.

    I think you would be best to get onto a Suzuki forum and ask there, since they will have Suzuki specific information. Good luck.

    PS: A replacement key on my Lexus can cost $1500 or more from a dealer, but as little as $100 from eBay. The quality may not be the same though.
  9. Huh? I wasn't aware you could get anything other than genuine for immobiliser equipped ignition keys? Did I read this right?
  10. The key is $90 -Lock smith cost $50 -Labour to program it $100 = $240

    The problem is that to program the key the fairings and tank have to come off to get to the plug to fit the re-programming harness. $230/$240 is about the going cost.
  11. Slightly, on topic, slightly off.
    I know with kawasaki you get a red key that is needed to have new keys cut on the bikes with KISS as it contains the code.
    If you needed a new key and had the red one, would you still be looking at the cost of reprogramming or is that just ripped straight from the red key?
  12. Pretty sure you can program them yourself if you have the red key.

    I know i can get keys for my yammy r6 with the chip inside, unprogrammed off ebay for about 40 bucks.

    I get it cut at a locksmith & can program it myself if i also have the original red key.

    You lose the red key, your up for 2k.
  13. wow, bank safety deposit box here we go :eek:
  14. Sheesh. Poor newbs who don't know little details like this.
  15. Yes, you did.
  16. Actually some people have found a few ways to trick the system. For instance, with Honda there is a special key programmer tool that is really simple. Once you got a spare key with the chip cut, it allows u to program it to the bikes immobiliser computer yourself. Normally only dealerships have this tool but you can make it yourself for honda's.
    Heres the link for the Honda key tool thread.
    Not sure if theres something like this for suzuki but it doesnt hurt to look around on suzuki rider forums.
  17. when i got my spare key cut for my Eliminator, it cost $15.00. the guy told me that the new Kawaski electronic keys, if you lose it, will be a few thou to get one made up for your bike.
  18. It will only ever cost a few thousand dollars for a new key if you actually have no key at all, and you have to replace the ECU, immobiliser, lock bodies and keys in order to get back to as new functionality.

    Most people would be pretty silly to do that, since there are options.

    With Ducati, for example, as long as you still have the red (master) key, you can program a full new set of black (standard) keys. If you only have a black key, you can clone it as many times as you like, so that the system thinks each key is the same one. It is highly advisable though to make sure you get the red key with a modern Ducati. I would pull out of a Ducati sale unelss at least the red key and the card with ignition codes was available, unless it was a pre-electronic ignition bike, and a classic that I wanted to buy.
  19. So after searching around I've bought an OEM key for $90 (cut at a locksmiths for $12.50 - not $50 as quoted by dealer!) and ordered a chipped key on ebay for $40 (Hope it works!). Then I rang a few suzuki dealers and spoke to the service manager at Mick Hone Motorcycles http://mickhone.com.au/ and he told me that the cost to program a new key would only be about $25! What gives! Why the massive price difference? The "other" dealers were quoting $88 to $105? Anybody here have experience with "Mick Hone Motorcycles" ?
  20. Only experianece I have with Mick Hone is from 30 years ago. They were good then.