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Where to get aftermarket rims?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by ltketch, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. My quest for a better/replacement front wheel for my little project has after many phone calls to local wreckers (Melbourne) ended with no joy! So I was wondering where one would obtain aftermarket rims for spoked wheels?


  2. What size?
  3. What sort of bike? Try Euro Brit or www.britishspares.com - heaps of diff sizes and types i.e. stainless steel, etc.
  4. Yeah, what bike, what size? They've all got different drill patterns and different numbers of spokes. Might be able to help with more info.
  5. Ok my fault, but I didn't want to overload my question with to much specific stuff!

    But here goes! My bike is a 77 Honda XL250, its also my first bike! I mostly use it to commute to work 2 or 3 days per week and have no interest in going off road! So in an effort to personalise it think along the lines of the CB200 Cafe Racer post thats also here in the Modifications and Projects area. I currently has a wopping huge 21 inch front wheel, so I was thinking along the lines of an early 70's CB350 wheel with dual leading brakes, the 18inch size would allow me to use the same tyre make and model I currently have (but obviously in a smaller size). So failing to find a CB350 wheel I was thinking of seeking advice on an aftermarket 18inch rim and spokes fitted to my current hub!
  6. Uh-huh. Try Central Motorcycles in Huntingdale. Nothing on eBay, Just Bikes or Motorcycle Trader etc?
  7. I think you are looking for 17" motard rims.

    Seach fleabay.

    Ask on VSMR (google it) - theres guys there that sell laced and unlaced (ie rim only not spokes) and others that can machine to spec.

    Google "Wheel Lacing". Theres someone in Hamilton (Brisbane) - Devo may be able to post the details.

    Good Luck.

  8. If you were to run a 17x3.5" rim you would have a much much better choice of rubber. Think it through though, you could go from one problem to the next.

    At the moment, there is still a lot of rims floating around off the XR400SM's which have been converted back to trail duty. First port of call would be checking compatibility with those and get them laced to your current hubs. They're cheap as chips, so might as well get a matching 17x4.25 rear if swingarm clearance will allow it. Also critical is clearance between the forks, some of the older bikes are a bit tight!

    Then you're still dealing with a drum front brake though right? That means a new hub of a similar vintage off a honda with a disc front and the same size axle if possible. Speak to someone who knows their old hondas.

    At this point the $$ start to add up, $50 for a master cylinder, $50 for a 2 pot caliper, $200 for a disc, $50 for a custom bracket for the caliper, brake line... You can do it all very cheap, but it still adds up. All part of thinking it through I guess, and asking yourself whether you're just polishing a turd. No offence.

    Another option is to drop the forks out of a wrecked later model bike that still runs the RSU forks but has disc front end.

    Just thinking out loud here. If you're happy with the brakes just lace a rim on. And I've just realised that your fork leg wont have any provision to hang a caliper off it. New wheel or not, you'll need diff forks.
  9. Hi ltketch. Further to what's been posted, if you want to swap the whole wheel/hub have a look at: http://chopperfix.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=1047&sid=60241438d9bbb31629cf4853a4eef8a4 to find something else with the same axle size, then you need to figure out the width, and brake actuation.

    Getting another rim laced to your old hub is probably the easiest. If you don't mind a steel rim, you should be able to pick one up dirt cheap at a wreckers.

    Cheers, Scott
  10. Thanks for all your replys and ideas, much appreciated! I think for now im happy to try getting a smaller diameter rim fitted to my current hub, looks like a visit to the wreckers tomorrow!
  11. Think I have solved my problem!

    Went to the wreckers with the thought of finding a wheel I could have put on my hub!

    Found a 18inch off a Yamaha SR250 like this!


    Got home and stripped my current wheel!


    Took some measurements and had an idea!

    So I made up some suitable spacers!


    Mixed them with my Honda brake plate and axle!


    Put it all together!


    And I reckon im onto a good thing!


    A hybrid YamOnda wheel!
  12. Thanks, surprised myself at a) it actually worked and b) how easy it was!
  13. Wow, do your Honda brake shoes fit in the Yamaha drum? That's pretty lucky they're the same size. and that the axles are the same diameter!

  14. They sure do! Damn lucky!

    All it needed was a small spacer between the yamaha bearing on the drum side and the honda brake panel to get everything aligned!

    Nothing has been modified so 15 minutes and the original wheel could be back on ready to go!
  15. Here it is fitted!



    Now for the next mod!