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Where to get a tyre plugged?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by TrenShadow, Dec 18, 2005.

  1. Lubing the chain (new experience for me!) after today's Meredith ride (thanks Voyager for organising!!) I noticed a small nail in my rear tyre :( Looks like it's leaking very slowly, but obviously want to get it attended to asap.

    So.. where should I go? I work at Tullamarine, live in Heidelberg so something vaguely along that line is preferred, but am willing to travel a little way :p

  2. I feel your pain TrenShadow... new bike and i already got a nail in the rear tyre also!
    I'll firstly say that to get a tyre repaired on a sunday is almost farkin impossible! The nail that went in was about 4cm long (!!:cry:!!).

    Other than that... looks like i'll be getting a new rear hoop sometime soon as the bugger is still leaking slowly even after the patch. :(
  3. Bob Jane at the top end of Elizabeth St. It's like ~$30 to repair the tyre on the spot. I've had 3 tyres repaired and no troubles after. Number to call is 9329 6999
  4. What do you mean by patched? Did you do it yourself or get a pro to do it?
  5. Semi-profeshomenal patched...
    Removed rear tyre, drilled, dremelled, vulcan-glue-stuffed, plugged, sealed, inflated... but still suspect a very very small leak.
  6. Ok I got a stupid question but that’s ok cause I’m a noob and don’t have my first bike yet what happens when you get a flat on the high way in the middle of nowhere (like on the way from sunshine coast up to tincan bay)
  7. You can either fix it with your puncture repair kit and pump it up with a mountain bicycle pump or you can call the RACQ. :D
  8. There's a T-Mart on the corner of High & Murray in Preston which is on your way through.

    Another in Broadmeadows which is closer to work.

    I think there's a Bridgestone place in Bell St Preston (testing my memory here).

    Check out Mickelham Rd between Melrose & the freeway as there may be a tyre place in that industrial area.

    Be warned some places either don't touch bike tyres or worse don't like to plug tyres.