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where to get a rwc done

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Androo, Oct 10, 2005.

  1. just wondering if anyone could recommend an honest place to do a rwc for me

    i'm a bit wary of dealers, since they're out to make the most profit...

    south east melb or city area preferred :)

  2. Top gear Motorcycles in seaford.. they always make time for me... $80

    Or futher down the road AAA Automotive... $66 but you will have to book a week or two in advance...
  3. i've been using dandenong motorcycles for some time now. cant remember exactly what number they're at but they're its on bennet st. $50 and they're normally able to do it on the day. always been fair to me, they do a thorough check but wont pick stupid stuff and stuff thats not there ( like sharptune :x )
  4. www.centralmotorcycles.com.au in huntingdale can do this. I have always had great experiences with them, and can not recommend them highly enough. Can normally do the RWC on the same day you call.
  5. Why do you want honest when it's a RWC?

    Surely you just want the RWC! Then, afterwards you can take it for a proper service which will deal with safety issues as well as general engine tune-ups, longevity maintenance and other stuff that won't show up on a RWC inspection.

    That's my philosphy anyway, I don't wanna pay $50 for a roadworthy cert unless I'm gonna get it - it's a government requirement and I view the maintenance of the bike as totally separate. Stevo's in north melbourne do a 10 minute turnaround RWC for fifty bucks, and they'll pass a modified (un-roadworthily loud) exhaust if you show them the stockers. They're almost always able to make time for it.

    Then find a good honest mechanic do do the proper work.
  6. that is so true ... if i'm buying a bike or car, the rwc is trivial since i check all the important stuff out before i buy it anyway and adjust my offer accordingly

    however! in this case, i'm getting the rwc to sell the bike (as is required by law ;) ) hence looking for an honest mechanic, since the bike was recently fully serviced anyway :D
  7. Ditto though mate! All you want is the bit of paper! You yourself know the buyer's not going to get to the end of the street and have the rear wheel fall off it... The rest is bargaining.
  8. your not selling the 9 already are you? :roll:

    personally, i prefer a lax mechanic to a dodgy RWC. someone that actually looks over a bike a little is quite handy, it means an extra set of eyes that might pick something up that you've missed.

    a newish bike in good nic wont have any problems but a bike thats been thrashed and dropped by multiple L platers is something that really does need a proper going over i reckon.
  9. nah, im sorting out the sale of my friends zzr250 since i sold to him when i upgraded :)
  10. maybe you could go to stevo for the rwc and get an unoffical to do list, and then adjust the sale price accordingly with the buyer ;)
  11. i'll be very surprised if there's any todo list considering it just got a full service and new tyres :)
  12. newbie looking to register first bike

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum, and would love some advice. I've Just gotten my first bike which is in need of minimal work (in my lay persons opinion) to get its roadworthy, it's currently not registered. It's just an old Honda Postie.

    I was hoping to find somewhere in North Melbourne to have the work done, somewhere that's not going to rip me off completely. I came across the forum through a Google search, and this Stevo has sparked my attention.

    Can anyone please tell me where he is in North Melbourne, or another garage that has a decent reputation. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks.
  13. Bennets Bike Tune in dandenong