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Where to get a respray in melb and how much??

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by rexy, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. hi guys and girls just want to know where and how much it's gona cost me to get my zxr 250 resprayed???????

  2. How long is a piece of string? How much work are you going to do yourself? Are you going to take all the panels & tank off? Do you want it origional or a custom colour? Origional will sometimes cost more due to more work masking up & cleaning the spray gun etc. If there are no dings, cracks, chips etc & you take everything off you won't get much change out of a grand (and thats cheap). But in saying that I was once quoted $400 just to spray a tank cause I couldn't be arsed doing it myself. Ring around or better still ride around a few painters & ask.
  3. i was planning to take all the parts off myself and just needed it the be resprayed with the usual scracth here and there. i was looking for a place in the se suburbs if you know off one it would be much appreciated thanx
  4. oh sowie forgot to add that i was thinking of a custom color
  5. It may pay to fill in the Location field in your profile.
    No point in recomending a place in Cairns if you live in Tassie.
  6. i'm in melb i thought i put that in the topic
  7. Ok, I was aiming for the extreme.

    I'll try again,

    There is no point me suggesting that you go to Original Finish in Kilsyth if you live in Baccus Marsh.
  8. try Custom Bike Repairs... I have seen their work wow..

    Or Custom Cycle Works... apparently a good HD back yard repair dude...

    Another one to try is Sunshine Motorcycle Engeniring... another back yard opperation... though his place burned down so I'm not %100 if he will do it...
  9. Melbourne..Eastern 'burbs...? use Original Finish in Kilsyth
    or SE 'burbs?
    use Bike Magic in Moorabbin

    both are very good paint shops....


  10. thankx guys for the replies the parts are off the bike at the moment and gona try the places u guys suggested to see wat kinda price i can get.
    profile now upated :D
  11. Can car places do motorcycles as well or does the paint require a special additive to allow it to flex?, i was thinking of just going down to the local panel shop and getting them to spray mine at the same time they spray another customers car, i assume it'd be slightly cheaper.
  12. Theoretically, yes. You should add a flex additive to the paint but you will find that even the paint sales persons will say not to bother. That is with 2 pack anyway. You would have to be pretty lucky to find someone painting a car exactly the same colour as your bike at the same time you wanted to paint yours Kraven. But I doubt it would be any cheaper. Still the same amount of materials. Maybe a bit less for oven time but I don't think the painter would pass that on.
  13. From my expiriance there is a special technique to painting fairings... most car places will take the job on but it will not be as good as someone specialising in bikes... I have had a very good and expirianced car painter do real bad job on fairings...
  14. Sheesh, he was a rapper, he was gunned down, he still puts out CD's and now he paints bikes :D

    Shucks, whadda guy :)
  15. Places that specialise on bikes seem far more expensive than what car places are charging; and i know that the bike shops will do a better job but i just can't afford to be spending $500+ on cosmetics for my bike at the moment.
    I'm not really looking for a show quality finish just clean/neat single colour (Black) paint job.

    Would it be cheaper if 2 bikes were done in the same colour at the same time?
  16. i got quote $2000 for a respray by a motorbike place and $700 at a local panel beater that i know so i guess its going there!
    by the way if someone could help me with the paint code on the zx6r 05 kawasaki lime green it would be much appreciated thanx
  17. Lift the seat, on the subframe will be a sticker with the paint code printed on it
  18. actually i was after the paint code cos i wanted to respray it that color. my bike was originally another color cheers
  19. I can give you the 04 code... does that help?

    Otherwise you could ask on the KSRC forum...