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Where to get a real POS?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Lobsta, Jul 20, 2008.

  1. im putting a lot of thought to getting a real POS trailie for my first bike. arguments for being that
    1) can take off road to teach myself how to handle a slide, fall off, etc
    2) wont be afraid to pull it apart to learn how to do simple mechanical stuff
    3) get me riding sooner while i save for a road bike

    i will be doing increasingly more commutes (small, between 2 and 15km) as i grow in confidence. I am size restricted to 250cc being in qld, no lams.

    looking for
    a) different models to fit these standards
    b) advice on where to find these hunk of crap - i am looking at $2000 as an absolute top, preferably under $1500 if i can... bikesales and bikepoint dont even come close to this level of crappiness
    c) advice on how crap is too crap... i will need this to at least go forward for 4-5 months. and what are the real warning signs of what to look for?
    d) how big (cc's) or more to the point, how small can i go? i am 80ish kg and 6" ish

    cheers fellas

  2. ebay and Trading Post - for under $1,500 bike should at least be going. If you can afford electric start IMHO worth every cent - any of the Jap 250's will get ya going
  3. Ask around. I got lucky and was given one and assuming the boat has come in from Japan, this week it will work.
  4. Don't be cruel to the poor guy... :p