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where to get a kawasaki zzroil filter in wollogong or sydney

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by ericgao, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. HI, all. I am a newbie, just got my zzr 250 a month ago. I found the oil is really dark and overfilled. I want to chane oil and filter by myself. Do you guys know where to shop around to get this? Do i need a special tool to untighten the bolt? thanks

  2. Any bike shop should have an aftermarket one to suit. Find the local kwaka dealer for OEM.
    They are about $15

    No special tool, just a socket. Its as simple as bike filter changes get (some are a real pain) just drain the oil then unscrew the oilfilter chamber and replace the element (dont throw away the metal cap and washer that will be on the old filter)

    Dont use too much force when tightning back up, just 1/4 turn or so.

    Yank based GPX and ZZR site.
  3. thanks, jmuzz. the website is really helpful. I gonna do it nextweek
  4. As I discovered when changing the oil on Lin's ZZR 250...believe it or not the kawasaki oil filters are actually made by Honda...long story there, just trust me on it.

    The rubber washer that installs with the oil filter may not be an exact fit. It has to go in just so.
    Lin's leaked until my mate at a bike shop re-installed it in just the right postion.

    If you are re-installing the old rubber washer, one side will be flat and one side rounder, take note of this and put it back in the way you took it out.

    Sydney City Motorcycles at Ramsgate/Kogarah has the filters in stock.

    Because it's a high revving motor and not a huge engine I used Shell Ultra Helix Fully Synthetic Oil.
    It's $60 for 6 litres at K-Mart.
    I grant you Helix is not cheap, but you will get at least two oil changes and lots of top ups out of the container...compared to engine damage oil works out very cheaper.
    In smaller, late model engines, I always use the best oil I can get.
    Shell Helix is recommended by Ferrari.

    Some people reckon they get clutch slippage using a fully synthetic oil, this has been an on-going debate for some time. The latest tests seem to confirm that this is just an urban legend.
    There are many websites on the internet about oils and their various claims/disclaimers...best one checks for oneself.
  5. thanks for reminding me of the position of older washer. As for my first DIY, i need as much infor as poosible. I will go to K mart and have a look at engine oil. I find oil at kamrt and big w is cheaper than Supercheap's. i will definately go for full synthetic one. thanks again
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  7. Thank you very much, Jaq. I had a wondferful afternoon with you and learned so many things about bike,espeically how to change oil and correctly lub the chain. The only blemish of the day was the wrong size oil filter which i bought from wollogong city coast motor bike. The shop staff was quite sure the oil filter is for zzr 250 , which turned out to be just half size of right one. I will never trust them again.