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Where to get a good pipe + fitted? Any recommendations?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Danos, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. Hi guys,

    Id like some recommendations on where to purchase a nice after market pipe and/or other upgrades and where to get them fitted? Inner city areas are better for me.

    My bike is hell quiet and this often gets me into trouble with cars not hearing me or bothering to look as they lane change so im thinking its time to get a "hello, im here" tone.

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  3. Also Staintune for Aussie maker (I think...?)

    Otherwise what bike? Slip-on or full system?

    Google Yoshimura, Akrapovic, Arrow, Termignoni, M4, Micron (no longer manufacturing, but should still find stock) stockists in Melbourne.

    Fitting is easy, do it yourself. Slip/Bolt-ons are just undo 4 bolts, replace muffler, do them up again. Full systems a little more involved, but simple enough if you are at all mechanically inclined.
  4. Megacycle is 1000% Aussie. And half the price in most cases to Staintune.
  5. Go see Ken at Megacycle.

    Aussie, Aussie made, Aussie racer, Nice Bloke.
  6. Or you could get a custom pipe made and installed for half the price of most decent aftermarket off the shelf units. You wont get carbon fiber or Ti but you can get a real nice polished on that'll look and sound great. You can also select the muffler you want that will give you power where you want it - ie; low, mid range or top end RPM etc

    You'd just have to do a google search to find a suitable exhaust shop.
  7. Danos,

    If you buy one and you want a hand fitting it let me know, more than happy to help :)
  8. I had a nice slip-on from Megacycle fitted to a previous bike. The carbon looked classy and it sounded tops. Reasonable price too. Recently I fitted Staintune slip-on to my xjr. Great sound, removable baffle and it only took me 10 minutes to fit. They have cb400 pipes on their website I think. So there you go, two Aussie made options for you. Have fun shopping.
  9. If this is really the issue and not just an excuse to get a loud pipe you'd be better off getting some advanced training and perhaps a hi-vis jacket.

    Might be able to get into this tomorrow if you want someone to look at your road riding

    there are also a few good books covering roadcraft you can read
  10. +1 for Ken @ Megacycle
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  12. Mmmmm, I guess im a little busted there, it is a bit of an excuse, but not just to get a louder tone, theres more horsepower, looks and losing weight, so increasing performance is more what its about, though i still like the idea of people knowing im near.

    After 13 years of driving experience and 0 accidents im not sure how much advanced training or reading is going help.. fact is some people are just crap drivers, plain and simple.

    Thanks for the concern and big thanks to everyone for the info. I looked around, i asked and have decided to go with a carbon fibre slip on from MegaCycles.

    After i found out that the Yoshis available in this country were the US and not the JAP versions (not to mention how pricey), i thought better to keep it local. I will give feedback after its done.

    CHEERS everyone who helped me out!!
  13. Ok ok, so i took my sweet time. Ha!, been too busy riding!

    Carbon fibre exhausts are awesome, the light weight, the fact they dont get hot and the tone i got (from Megacycles) is totally wicked. Im very happy with my purchase, the truth is my bike sounds faster than what it is but i have recieved nothing but compliments and only 1 complaint (by someone i overtook in the city who told me out there window to "shut up" although im not 100% it was directed to me)

    It suits my style and i love my bike. Thanks again for the recommendations guys, this Aussie product is a winner.

    Photos you ask? beh, im too lazy and i dont have a camera..
  14. Don't you need a different ECU map for the new pipe?
  15. Its just a slip on, takes hardly any time to change and nothing else needed to be done.
  16. I'll be taking my Gladius to Ken to get the chicken drumstick-ectomy.

    He said he'd never done a Gladius but would love to make something for me.

    I'm just not sure whether to go alloy or stainless or carbon.