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Where to get a good deal for Nolan 102 helmet in MelbournE?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by wings9000, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. Hi All

    Anyone knows where I can get a nolan 102 helmet?? I tried it at scoota city but the price was steep and didnt offer discounts...

    Any suggestions?? Please?
    Am getting my bike this two days.. hope to ride for Easter weekend..

  2. give bike mart a ring?
  3. Def try Bikemart or otherwise Mick Hone Box Hill. :grin:
  4. or send Johnny O a pm. he sells bike accessories
  5. I know the boys at Scoota City will give a discount, just say that Johnny O said that Netriders get atleast 10% discount. I think you'd score a N102 for about $380.

    I'll remind them :)
  6. Thanks Johnny O

    They said the most I'd get is $395 for it.. then again I was gonna get the gloves, jacket, and bike lock altogether..

    I wasnt satisfied.. in the end about $60 was offered to me after the total was $730.. that's less than 10%.. havent got to the pants part..

    $380 sounds good... i'll check out Bike MArt as well then..

    thanks ALL!!
    Thanks Johnny O!
  7. Oh noooooooooo

    bike mart is closed for full easter weekend..
    Peter Stevens in Dandenong i hear is closed too..
    so no hope of getting the gears this weekend.. arghhhh
    :( :cry:

    not happy...
    booo hoooo
  8. Hi Johnny O

    Should I come look for you instead on sat???
  9. hmmm ring Mike Hone.. they do stock d nolan N102.. but closed this weekend..

    sigh... looks like i really hafta wait another saturday to do some shopping!!!

    not happy
  10. I'm thinking of opening Yamaha City Accessory & Spare Parts on Sat (if Sat is the only good day over the weekend I'll go for a ride instead) but Sccota City will be closed.

    I hate to say it but I think Peter Stevens might be open on Sat
  11. only Peter Steven (City) is open, rest of the branch are closed i was told..
    Mars Leather sed they are open
    so did scoota city i think.. cant recall..
    i assume d city shops will open

    but not the suburb's shops..
  12. Only PS & Mars will be open in the city, I'll open upstairs at Yam City if I can ride on one of the other days over the weekend.

    Offivially we are closed but I figured I would open upstairs to see if anyone is floating around the city.
  13. do u stock d nolan n nice ladies jacket n gloves?
  14. We've got a lot of ladies stuff, Danielle off the forum is ordering more for stock also.
  15. oh kewl..

    somthing to match a silver scoot?
    are u jz beside the scoota city?
    i duno how to get to yamaha city.. tot they are one with PS..
    i like the dririder ladies leather gloves
  16. any riding event over easter?
    m nervous on d new bike..
    tho d dealer hasnt called yet to deliver
  17. Yam City is just to the left of Peter Stevens as you face the shops. 329 Elizabeth St
  18. oh i recall now..
    yesterday i passed by but only saw one helmet hanging in the showroom..
    so i tot hmm.. only sell bikes n limited range of apparel/accessories..

    so i walk to scoota city..
  19. Does RST have the same design as Nolan N102 and Shoei's Multitec?

    Are they any gud? I read in the uk website saying RST is gud value for money... they only charge the cost not the branding..
  20. oh and the trading hours for the weekend pls..
    i've got to go to berwick on sat 1130..