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Where to get 2 stroke oil?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by apriliars12502, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. Hi guys. I have an aprilia rs125 and i was wondering where i could purchase good quality 2 stroke oil for my bike in Melbourne? and what is the best 2 stroke oil for this bike? Is castrol TTS any good?

  2. Most servos carry 2 stroke for mowers, whipper-snippers, Aprillias etc. :rofl:
    My local BP has Castrol!
  3. but is castrol TTS good quality oil because ive heard that you have to use the best oil for the rs125
  4. Just pulling your leg.
    I've got an off road Husqvarna & it works a treat in that (y)

    Ok,OK, it's a whipper-snipper, but it's still a Husqvarna & I don't use it on the road! :)
  5. okay thanks will give it a try!
  6. bike shop. motul.
  7. I use Motul 710 Ester or something like that... fully synthetic but I have been told semi-synthetic is better for not-as-short engine life. Any bike shop should have it really.
  8. I use Motul 7XX also. I can't remember if the number is 710 or 750 or something. I'll check tomorrow.

    It's fully synth and rated Fd which is the best rating. The rating is on the back of the bottle. Don't go with anything less.
  9. Okay will check it out! which stores sell them? and how do i drain the existing oil? or is it okay to just add this in?
  10. Supercheap has TTS in 4 litre for around $70, you can put an email alert on their website to send you an email when it comes on special.

    I used TTS in my RGV no issues, but I read you are best just to keep using what has been being used unless you want to flush the oil system, mixing is not good.
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  11. Different brands of oil could possibly 'gel' together if mixed... thats the main concern.

    Using TTS is pretty good, its a fair price too, it used to have a different name but anyway.
    The cagiva has had a sweet life with it @21tho km now.
  12. im hanging out for ipone...
    they have strawberry scented 2 stroke oil (as in, the smoke it blows is strawberry scented)
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  13. TTS is ment to be good.
    Motul 800.

    Just off the top of my head.

    Honestly, I just pop in what ever full synthetic i can find that has a good/rep and is well priced. (YZ 125).

    I have used a few different oil's, none seem to make a huge difference in my opinion. Pulled down my top end and everything was micky.
    Just mix it at the correct ratio (assume premix), use good quality oil (not whipper snipper oil lollllllllll) and ull be right ;)
  14. No need to pre-mix on the RS 125. Just add oil to the oil tank underneath the seat and keep it topped up. :biker:
  15. Ditto, this stuff is awesome.

    Belray SI-7 and Platinum Spectro are also good ones I have used.
  16. Castrol TTS ( full synthetic ) is passable but not the best.

    If your wringing the little Aprilia's neck then get something better. Better safe than sorry, saving $2.50 buying lower quality oil will be false economy when the thing nips up.

    Motul 710 & Motul 800 acceptable quality, available in most bike shops.

    Most bike shops charge $35 +, so for a couple of dollars more....

    ELF HTX 976+ better quality, used by a lot of 125GP bike runners
    available from http://www.racefuels.com.au/race_lubricants.asp

    Also important is the fact that not all oils are compatible, so once you settle on an oil and have flushed out your oiling system, stick to the one brand/type
  17. Great advice here.

    Once you do find a good oil, try to stick to it. Not too good by changing oils too much, too often.

    I've previously had Motul 710, and in personal experience, for my (two now) RS's as standard, it doesn't run the cleanest, as it makes quite alot of 'spluge' from the exhaust and on the back of my numberplate.

    Found the Spectro to be fantastic, as well as the Si-7. Si-7 produces minimal smoke as well.

    All to the rider, I suppose, but try to spend a little more $ in oil, and the bike will thank you for it, tenfold.
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    I agree, definitely use good quality racing oil on something like an RS125.
    Personally I have Full Synthetic Spectro SX Platinum for my 2 stroker: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Spectro-SX-2Stroke-Platnium-Full-Synthetic-Race-Oil-x1-/110778478718

    Guys, question. Say you clean your oil system out (just a simple tank and pump in my case) to put a new type of oil in. Is there a potential for problems to be caused because of the different 2 stroke oil that is already sitting inside the engine? Could the two mix together and gel or will the combustion process prevent the gelling from occurring?
  19. +1. I have heard this is not entirely good but I guess would be minimal, but would like to hear as well.