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Where To From Here? Racing Twist Included!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by enigma--, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. I’ve been pondering for a little while now an upgrade of some sort. At the moment I have a sv650s, and a drz400e that I have converted to a motard. I enjoy them both for different reasons, but for a while now, as I said, I’ve been thinking about a change. My budget will hopefully be around 8k all up, no matter the set up. Could push a bit more.

    This was made easier (on the debate in my head – behalf) when my mate, who is on his L’s, said he would buy the motard. I thought this would make my decision easier, having some money to play around with… but at the track on Saturday I took it for one session and had a ball!
    I’ve also done 6 or 7 track days now, and realised that I love them, and would like to try my hand at racing. I was thinking of buying a dedicated track bike.

    My issue, and what I have been debating in my head for the past few weeks (have been trying to find the right words to summarise my position!), is that I am on a budget due to starting to save for a property, as well as wanting both a road and a race/track bike. I don’t get out riding every weekend, but I love road riding for the relaxing, often social experience you get, The exploration to, but I wont ramble about road riding ;) . I love track riding for the skills, the speed, as well as meeting some awesome people, again, no ranting!

    My thinking has swung back and forth from many different ideas. Do I buy a supersport, and have two set ups running? My issue with that is that I didn’t REALLY want a sports bike for the road, but could cope if it was the best way to go about things. I don’t really want over a 600cc either (675 included). Do I buy a cheaper track bike, and then a cheaper road bike as well? Do I get a race motard (know a couple I could get for 3-4k, maybe a bit more), and then have a roady?

    My thinking today was to buy a sports bike that has been damaged, fighter it for the road, and have a track set up going for it as well. This will help with headlight removal etc.…. Not as much to swap over!

    Ok, that’s a lot of crap I’ve managed to write! Felt I had to explain my situation a little bit. I would love to hear from anyone who has some input, or has been in a similar situation!

    · Want a road bike, and a race bike
    · Budget is 8k all up, maybe 9
    · Viability of a swap over set up for a sports bike?
    · Motard track/naked roady?
    As I said, anyone that can add to my thinking or help clarify, I would love to hear from you!

  2. you looked realy planted on the motard maybe go with that
  3. I'm in the same situation as you. But I have a supersports.
    I went bazurk for 2months seriously considering racing.

    From the figures I’ve put together, you've got $4000 a year to race. That’s tyres, race fee's, license, fuel and travel, plus bits and bobs (that’s living luxury). You need a bike too...!
    Do you have tools? All the right equipment? Car? Trailer? Pitcrew/misses? Mechanical support?
    Obviously, sponsorship is a winner. Get your boss, other peoples companies involved. Get talking to local bike shops, but they won’t bat an eyelid until you get some podiums/results.

    After talking to as many people as I can, and getting a feel for what they've been though, I've been persuaded not to race. Maybe they don't want some decent competition [​IMG]
    I could, and I can easily afford it but it’s the added hassle of prepping your bike, that takes up every vital minute and when in competition, preparation is the key.

    I’ve competed in other sports, not motorsport, and I know that it’s a major commitment.

    My 2cents, you’re in a puzzling but enjoyable state of mind thinking about racing and winning. Join me for as many track days with your dedicated track bike as we can first up. Hunt down those lap times and enjoy yourself! Reevaluate in 12months.
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  4. thanks greg! only problem with the tard is its hard to find a cheaper one :(

    Thanks mate glad to hear from someone in a similar boat! I've worked this year on getting all set up, even just for track days, so have tools, car, trailer, warmers, stands etc etc. Just down to a bike to choose, really, and what class!

  5. Take the SV until you can get no more seconds out of it, a lot of racers use them. Then decide which class you want to race in.

    Spend the rest on track tyres and track time. Keep the drz in case you bin it so you have a bike to ride.
  6. Thanks mate. Problem with the sv is it weighs in the back of my mind that it's my roady and if i wanted a pre-set up tracky, I'd have to sell it. Perhaps just me making excuses, but I worry. Stupid thing is, I worry a bit with the drz as well when I don't think i'd be able to kill that :p

    Drz is going late December (if my mate sticks to his plan... so 50/50) so that gives me some money to play with
  7. get a ktm 990 superduke and use it for double duties race/road.

    fits in bears, thunderbike, open over 500cc for state level, 600/over600 novice for hartwell and if you so wanted FX pro thunder/naked at a national level.

    if they fall over theres not alot that will break and slightly more hp than a 600 but shitloads more torque.

    top end speed suffers due to aerodynamics but 240kmh is doable.
  8. Have you done many track days, which bike did you take?
  9. thanks jimmy, hadn't thought of that but a superduke is probably a lot more than i know how to handle! it would be one hell of a learning curve, i imagine!

    6-8 now, not quite sure. So not heaps, I don't even ride in the fast group yet. It's just an idea and fishing for opinions to see if anyone has done anything similar! Also heard from a few guys (mostly motarders) that you'll learn more in one race meet, than at 10 track days.

    Have taken the sv to all of them, the drz has done one session and i did have a ball on it. Just not really sure where I want to go from here!
  10. Yeah i know I always want new bikes as well.

    I dont think the sperduke is that much if you have a bit of experience, which you seem to, I would be worried about crashing it though. 600cc japanese is a lot cheaper to repair.

    Thye are top of your budget though
  11. Thanks mate, again!

    Jimmy has put me onto the idea of a SD, might hold off on that till the new one comes out so the oldies (hopefully) drop in price! That was my thinking for the 600s as well, heaps of parts available, just chew more tyres! Lol.
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    In my experience a new bike wont affect second hand prices except for the last two year models. I think you are looking at older than that on the budget you have set, wait by all means but dont rely on it.

    I chose the 600 route because had the R1 last year and it was too much for the road and I paid $10k for mine so I didnt want to track it because of crashing, the 600 I only paid $5k for so it wouldnt hurt as much. I had a rgv250 in between which I liked better when it ran well but I am not a good enough mechanic to keep it running well. It was the best fun on the track, though I am way faster on the 600 (though the wasnt running right that day on the track).

    But dont do what i did necessarily, there are a heap of zx10s around of about 2006 vintage for 6-7k thats pretty good as well.

    You could also take the drz to one of the supermoto meetings that are on the supermotoaus forums. They are riding the go kart tracks up here and it seems way cheaper than the full track. That will tell you if you want to sell the drz and ge a better tard. The sv for the road and a race tard would be a sweet combination. You could do any sort of riding pretty much, especially if you got dirt tyres as well for the new tard.

    Oh and the 600 is way better on tyres than a 1000, any 1000.
  13. THIS.


    i only get 2 races from a rear tyre on my motard before it falls to bits, frustrating.