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Where to for custom oil lines? (Melb)

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by mattb, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. Can anybody recommend a good place in Melbourne to get a custom oil line made up, somewhere that's affordable and reliable? The SR500 comes with a design flaw: oil is fed into the exhaust valve rocker arm area, but not the intake area, even though there is a bolt in place there by which to fit one! And even though heat is a particular bugbear of the SR and even though the oil distribution is poor up there at the best of times! Have just replaced the rocker arms and related parts on my low km engine, worn and pitted due in part no doubt to poor oil distribution! I want to make up a dual line but am not confident in attempting this myself.

    Thanks, Matt.

  2. Could a specialist hose place like enzed or pirtek help?? Plenty of those around melbourne...
  3. try airport west hydraulics
  4. I'm pretty easy actually - price as always is a big dictator. I had two black rubber oil lines for the GT550 made up a year ago for $90 each, but I was so unhappy with the other work that the place did - damn shoddy and damaged my bike and put me in danger! - that I won't give them my business again. Thumperstuff sell "OIL LINE KIT, DUAL HI-VOLUME" for $78 US, but I'd rather go local in case there's a fault with the line or a problem fitting it....