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Where to find road race numbers in a hurry?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sheeth, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    I've been relying on my local shop to get me in some black road race numbers, and that's just fallen though.

    Anyone know where I can get some before this weekend? Or even anyone who can make some ?

    Otherwise I'm going to have to make some stencils and god dam paint it on dammit shit arse.

    Thanks guys!
  2. How does that help me sirprice?
  3. have many shops near by? all the team motos pro motorcycles and etc around here that sell motorcross bikes stock off road race numbers that you could stick on. or just a can of black spraypaint and a stencil from a cheap shop if your desperate
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  4. peters dandenong,
    have some black race numbers on the counter,
    otherwise try bunnings, they have letters/numbers for letterboxes.... used them as a numberplate several times..

    but this all depends on size
  5. Hey good idea with the paint Trucked in. I'll do if I get stuck.

    I've found someone whos going to send me a batch,

    Thanks for the help guys!!
  6. duct tape?
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  7. Any signwriter with a vinyl cutting machine will be able to cut some for you. Probably while you wait.
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  8. further to that... from the rule book....

    12.6.4 Number Plate Figures Figures must be Arial Rounded MT Bold
    font Figures must be clearly legible, the
    minimum dimensions being:
    Height 140 - 148
    Width of each fi gure 75 - 85
    Space between fi gures 25
    Space between fi gures and
    edge of plate 12

    In desperation the local sign a rama or signwriter with a computer cutting machine


    +1 for dynowerks

  9. http://www.mototrack.com.au/ - Steve will look after you. Should be able to get
    them to you before the weekend, pick up or he may be out there on Sunday.
  10. Or.. go to officeworks and buy a roll of black contact, use your computer to print out your numbers in Arial bold mt in about 500 point (measure to ensure the size meets gcr's) then use that as the stencil for cutting out the contact.. Can of white spray (for 600cc) for the background..
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  11. I was in at AMX Tullamarine this arvo on another matter and a box labelled 'race numbers' caught my attention for no reason. Now I know the reason- give them a call.
  12. +1 duct tape........
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  13. We used to make our own for motocross out of black and white (or yellow or whatever grade you were in) contact.

    The same stuff you covered your school books with
  14. same bloke that owns

    But Sorry you where not to know that I would have thought he had an obvious link to the mototrack site, :-(
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  15. Thanks again guys,

    Hopefully this thread will come in handy another time for someone else if the need arises.

    If my numbers don't come in tomorrow, no stress, I'll just tape up some numbers haha
  16. Don't forget to make sure your background and letter colours are correct for the class your running in if applicable.
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  17. Or any gokart shop sell them as well and will have the backing stickers.
  18. Marine shops also have numbers for boat rego. May not be the correct font, but just take the scissors to them and round of the corners.