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Where to find oil seal & gasket kit for `05 yamaha tt-r 250

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Mr5o1, Feb 3, 2015.

  1. Hey! New to the forum and new to bike maintenance so I appologise in advance..

    Anyhow, I bought a cheap yamaha tt-r 250 which has seen better days, hopefully a good bike to learn to repair / maintain!

    I went to change the oil yesterday but think I could do with some better gaskets / seals.

    The sump plug didn't have a gasket or o-ring at all, whoever worked on it last just put a snot-load of silicone around the plug to seal it up

    The oil filter cap had the one big o-ring, which was in reasonable condition, but apparently there's supposed to be two smaller o-rings, I didn't see...

    And finally, the cylinder gasket is leaking. I'm not ready to tackle that just yet, but probably will want to at some point.

    So my google-fu turned up a bunch of gasket kits and things, but nothing for the tt-r 250.

    So I'm wondering... where's the best place to order parts for this kind of bike ? My local yamaha dealership seems waay too expensive, so I'd like to find something online.

    Also, what do I need.. is it going to be possible to find a gasket kit that contains most of the seals / gaskets I need ? I've seen upper and lower end kits.. I guess the oil filter cap is upper and the sump is lower, so I'd need both right?

    Any other insight would be really appreciated, thanks!
  2. I haven't had one for some time(had an 02 loved it) your probably just as well off to go to a dealer for them, and go to a wreckers, or order from a wreckers a complete sump plug, if you don't want to get one from a dealer.

    And you better go introduce yourself before you get smacked over the head, with a mullet.

    quick look gives about $20 for the 2 small and 1 larger O ring, get your yellow pages mojo working and pick up the phone.
  3. I guess I had figured that the o-rings and gaskets probably wear out fairly quick, so getting a "used" one from a wrecker might be a bit pointless.. no harm giving them a call though I suppose.
  4. i was referring to the sump plug, oh that's right I did say that, though my grammar was terrible.
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    Partshark.com...in order to get better value for money out of the us postage rates, pad your order with consumables that your likely to need.

    Putting things in perspective, a sump plug is us$2.43, the gasket us$1.60, head gasket us$22, rocker cover gasket us$20, oil filter assembly us$8.......even with our current pathetic exchange rate and the postage you come out well in front of the local stealers.

  6. Wow! That's awesome to see engine diagrams with the part numbers.. perfect! I can see myself making a bunch of purchases here, thanks for the tip!