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Where to find moto accesories in Tokyo

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by randy_andy, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. I will be heading to Tokyo, Japan for a few days and i was wondering if anyone has picked up any moto accessories in Tokyo. Or would anyone of any shops in Tokyo that sell moto accesories, as im in the market for boots, gloves ect. Thanks

  2. Found a place in Ueno, a few stops from Tokyo Station called "Motorcycle Heaven". Only a couple of shops, mostly dedicated to scooters & smaller bikes aswell as bike accessories. Not much range in terms of sports gear and the gear that are sold are very expensive.
    I was expecting to see many more sports bikes in Japan, but Scooters dominate the roads here in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. If you are a scooter freak, then i recommend that you visit the "land of the rising sun" to satisfy all your moto fantasies.
  3. You are correct in saying Ueno, get off the subway train at Ueno and go to Showa-Dori Avenue, it is Tokyo's version of Elizabeth Street (Melb). Two kilometres of only bike shops, there is one shop that only sells roadrace boots & gloves! There are many 6 level bike shops, many with bike videos playing in the up stairs cafe.
  4. I just got back from a 2 week holiday in Japan. I had a look at the Ueno stores during my stay in Tokyo. I found some of the gear to be quite cheap if you can get a size to fit. There were some race quality leather pants on sale for $150 in one of the stores - but alas I have chunky western thighs...

    Most of the gear seems to be a local brand (Outlaw). I bought a cheap summer jacket and a weird samurai rain coat for about $200 Australian for both!

    I have to say I couldn't work out the way the stores work. The two main stores selling new bikes seemed to stock all Japanese brands under one roof. I didn't find any stores selling imported bikes (such as Ducati and Triumph) but saw a few of these bikes around town. If anyone knows how the system works in Japan I'd be keen to find out for my next visit. I'd also like to find out where the other major bike hubs are (there have to be more!)

    Just a side note - the other cool thing I found when looking at a magazine store was not one but TWO women's biker mags. Not being able to read any of the Japanese scripts I mainly bought them for the sake of it. There are however some illustrated maintenance and technique articles which I can at least get some use out of.