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Where to find Bandit 250 manual?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by banditbob, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. Was there ever a service manual published for the gsf 250 bandit?

    Cant find it anywhere.

    Anyone know if the gsf400 manual is relevant to the 250?

  2. Been looking for the same thing for months for the GSF250V, and seems as though its extremely rare.

    Let me know if you find it. I do have the operators manaul for it if you want. I can email it you.

  3. You chasing the workshop manual or simply the owners manual? I've got a copy of the owners manual for the Aus-delivered bandit I can email you. Not sure about the similarities between the 250 and 400, never been able to find a clear answer on that (in English anyway). Fairly sure they share a common frame and I have seen it mentioned that the 400 motor is just a bored-out 250 (though can't confirm that). If you've managed to track down a copy of the GSF400 workshop manual though I'd be interested to know the link.
  4. How did you come buy a Manual a jd? I have been trying to track one down for ages but I have not been able to find any in english hope that this question doesnt make me look like a idiot.. :?
  5. I too have looked long and hard for a manual but from what I’ve been told they are as rare as hen’s teeth. Not to mention usually in an unspeakable tongue.

    If any of you get onto one please let me know!
  6. Jd ... U've got an electronic copy of the owners manual?

    Yeh Id love a copy... umm are u sure its legal?

    To send copies of official owners manuals that is?
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  8. No that'd be the manual for the Across - I see they've got the 400 Bandit there though (GSF400) so I'll be checking that out. 250 Bandits were sold here officially with owners manuals in English - a mate of mine has one. For legal reasons I will deny having a scanned copy of his owners manual, though if you PM me your email address a copy may magically appear in your inbox ;)
  9. Okay, to save hours of fruitless searching - have been there, done that, burnt the t-shirt in frustration.

    In short - there is no english manual for a GSF250V bandit - only a japanese one... You cannot get the japanese manual in australia, but honda new zealand said they could import them, but I didn't pursue it further with them.

    However, what was released was a "50 odd" paged service bulletin for the bike - I was told by honda australia that the bulletin was about 54 pages, but a dealer I contacted told me that it was only about 20 odd pages (thanks to the guys over at Box Hill suzuki for that). My local suzuki dealer (upper ftg) didn't appear to have a copy of the bulletin on hand (it was not in the folder, didnt check to see if they found it)

    It would help to check with your local dealer, as the tech guys over at Suzuki Australia basically told me that the only way of obtaining a copy would be photocopying the dealer's tech bulletin. (I approached both dealers with the $20 plus $10 option, the guy that did have it at box hill basically would not let me borrow it, understandably, as, in his words "I've lost close to a couple of thousand of dollars worth of special tools and manuals over the years from me and my staff letting people borrow out things, and never seeing them again", either way, I got the specs I wanted, so I'm happy (plus a tip for making the "special tool" for rotating the valve train - basically a bolt (M16 I think) with a grinder-cut notch in it - real tool costs about $60 :)...

    From what I have seen of the GSF400V engine, and the fische of the 250, the 400 is just a 250 with a bored out block. The specs are different, but the construction is very similar, so you can go by the 400 for instructions (mostly - there are some variences, but you will realise these as you encounter them :p)