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Where to find a replacement engine?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Viator, May 6, 2009.

  1. Hey guys.

    I've been pondering what kind of bike I should upgrade to and I'm considering buying something with "high kilometres". What I'd like to know is how easy it is to source engines for common 1990s bikes. I'd like the knowledge that if the engine dies I could just replace it and keep going.

    It wouldn't worry me taking on an engine swap project as I have the time and patience for it (even if not the know how). What I would really like to know is how much life I can get out of a bike that has high kms. If sourcing a new engine and swapping it is a viable idea then I'd obviously get another 100,000kms out of the bike.

    Hope I've explained my thoughts well enough.

    Opinions anyone?
  2. Really simple. Try your local wrecker.
  3. You can get engines for any reasonably common bike through the wreckers. You can get entire spare damaged bikes through the auctions. If it's a bike that tends to get raced (modern supersports, SV650 etc) spare engines can cost more, but if you're talking late 90s bikes there's plenty of engines around.
  4. Fair enough. I just couldn't seem to find anything over the internet that was an indication of availability or price of second hand engines.

    Anyone know what an engine might cost? Maybe for a ZZR600 for example. I'd hope to only pay 1000-1500. Lots of wreckers tend to charge a fair bit for second hand parts though so I'm not sure if it would really be worth it.

    I've had a good look through auctions for damaged bikes and it would be something that I'd be willing to take on as a project, but the numbers don't seem to stack up. I can't assess the bikes worth as accurately as the seller but most of them seem to require so much $$ that you could spend the same amount of money buying something that's already registered and running.
  5. I've noticed the same
  6. I know where there's a 32,000 km Hornet 600 engine, for sale for the same price as the ccs
  7. it's worth keeping in mind, that on a high mileage bike, more than the engine will be worn.
  8. Common bikes or bikes that get regularly trashed are easy to find from wreckers. Bikes that don't (such as my SV650) are outrageously expensive. Trust me on that. :mad:
  9. Hehe, I better get a cbr250rr then if I want cheap engines. There must be so many of those sitting around at wreckers. I know someone who crashed one.

    P.S is there such thing as a pick and payless type place for bikes? A place where there's just a big yard of wrecked bikes and you can go and pull parts off and then just pay for them as you leave?
  10. Not that I know of, but google is your friend