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Where to dispose of used oil, batteries, brake fluid etc. (Vic)

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by Nightowl, Jun 24, 2013.

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  2. I just take mine to the local servo and they take care of it for me, free. Well that was until 2 weeks ago when he closed up shop.
  3. i find unoccupied police vehicles are the go. Typically these can be found outside cheap hourly hotels around St Kilda. I'm not sure where you'd find them in other suburbs.
  4. Greed camera cars too.

  5. had a look see, didnt see the word FREE anywhere, but am ringing the Brimbank Depot tomorrow see what they say, thanks for the headsup, I reckon I have driven past the brimbank place about 1000 times taking kids to basketball :)
  6. rang the mob, Detox Depots are FREE!! found the one on Stadium Drive, Keilor Park is open 9-4 mon-fri and 1st Saturday of every month from 9-3pm, thanks again @Nightowl :)
  7. Cheers, I was just going to look up this kind of info!

    In the past I've dropped my oil off at the Kensington tansfer station - they have a large waste oil collection semi bulk container... but it's always a challenge getting past the security at the gate - they want to charge you the minimum just to enter.

    Keilor Park place looks like it will be my preference from now on... first saturday of the month... :)
  8. Stormwater drains or in the bin.
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    Supercheap take Oil in Qld - no idea if they do in Vic. I left some at one of their NSW stores once and it was ok. Store is near the Qld border but not in their list of Qld stores that offer the service.

    Repco take batteries. Battery World took my last one when I bought a new one from them.

    Am lucky here that the local tip also takes oil etc for free but only free for those items. They don't do that in Vic?

    An update from Supercheap:
  10. I have me 2 car batteries, cans of paint [empty, err Ithink] and no oil, so for that stuff, you cant leave out on footpath when hard rubbish is collected