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Where to buy?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Ridingtime, Oct 15, 2012.

  1. Wheres the cheapest place to buy the Dainese Razon. Its $600 at mcas and $480 in an overseas shop in England. My limit is $500 but i would prefer buying it in Aus. Anyone know if there is a place in Australia that sells this jacket below $500?

  2. $600 seems to be an alright price (in Australia) for that product, I couldn't pull anything out of ShopBot/Google Shopping price feed websites or any of the other more well known shops like BikeBiz/SCM etc but couldn't find the Razon.

    Going by Revzilla they sell it for $550, and STG sell it for $600 so it's not like a huge 70% mark up like other jackets/items.
  3. Hey mate, i just bought the razon (perforated) from bimoto.be. It was 330 euro + 20 euro shipping, i think that's about 450ish in aud. Great customer service.

    Doubt you'll find it cheaper than 600 in aus, maybe in a couple of years. Fair price though, i would have bought it locally if they had the perf version.
  4. Hey,
    If you aren't super set on getting it in Aus, you could also try www.motorama.it .
    They have great prices on Dainese gear. Could be a bit pricey on the shipping though.
    I just got some Dainese gloves and jacket from them. No fuss, easy transaction.
  5. I don't mind buying overseas just wanted to see if there was one cheaper in Aus first. At that price i can buy a back protector and gloves and still beat the cost here. Just wondering did you do a review for youtube on the razon jacket?
  6. Haha no, I haven't received my jacket yet although I did see the one you mean.

    Here is a Dainese razon under 600 locally for you if you're a size 50: