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Where to buy... what to buy ...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by cam77, Sep 22, 2005.

  1. Hi guys,

    My first post. Booked for my L's in November.

    Was wondering people's thoughts on the pros and 'cons' of buying privately vs a dealer - clearly a lot of people think private is definitely the way (considering they're not trying to make a living from it!). Thoughts?

    Also - can people please suggest some good road bikes for a newbie, priced $2000-3000. My personal preference is mainly for something reliable - does not necessarily have to be pretty or grunty. I also would prefer a common type of bike.

  2. Depending on price range, dealer purchase can at least provide some sort of backup after the sale, if not a formal warranty. Dealers have to meet government and statutory requirements regarding what they sell, validation of ownership, freedom from encumbrance, etc. Private sale provides none of these safeguards, although some can be obtained by the buyer.
    Private sales are usually cheaper because the seller doesn't have to bear the COST of property, insurance, and meeting these requirements.
    That said, of course, of you buy your bike from a Netrider, you will always be safe! :p
  3. Gday Cam and welcome to Netrider. You see a large number of bikes advertised as early 90 models with under 40,000 km on the clock. Most people on here would cover that distance in a year or two.

    So warning one....... don't trust the clock.
  4. And do a search in here for new bike advice and stuff. There's heaps of advice already been shared and those threads will definitely help point you in the right direction.
  5. Welcome to the forum!!

    As for buing a bike... buy private but do your reasearch b4... find the make and model you like the looks of and the way it feels when you sit on it... when you have your L's test ride as many as you can so you can find out how it raly feels! than read up on them as well fing out if they have any flaws or common problems...

    Also November... bike prices go UP come summer so be expected to pay a bit more at that time...

    BUY good gear to wear! denim only lasts a fiew meters when sliding down the road!!

    I will have a CBX250 1988 in top condition for sale as soon as my wife finishes with it (a week or two) for about $2000...
  6. My opinion.

    Buying private is _not_ the way to go if you know nothing about bikes and don't have someone to go with you (who knows about bikes) to check it out. You're taking a risk.

    Buying with a _reputable_ dealer (i.e. not Sumato), you at least get some warranty period, and are less likely to get a lemon.

    I bought the Spada from a dealer. 1 month in, the big end went. Dealer replaced the engine for free, as it was under the 3 month warranty, and I've had a trouble free 2 1/2 years of Spada riding.

    At the time I knew jack about bikes, I wouldn't have had the foggiest of what to check for. I choose to pay a premium for piece of mind.

    Cheaper if buy private more risk. More expensive if you buy via a dealer, less risk.

    That's just my opinion :)
  7. I agree with Kaer.

    Buy from a dealer and you have guaranteed title, warranty and the opportunity to build a business relationship with a business that will probably be supplying parts and accessories as well.
  8. dont assume that a dealer has a warranty tho. dealers CAN provide a warranty but are not under any obligation to. if it says nothing about a warranty, it doesn't have one.

    personally, i feel safer buying private. dealers are there to make a buck, not just to sell something they own for the best price possible. in order to make a buck, they sometimes resort to less ethical practices. a warranty is good, but not as good as a service history IMO

    anyways, whatever you do, make sure you get someone else to help you make the decision :D
  9. Most dealers will give you the "we don't give a warranty, but we do guarantee the bike and we have been in business for years" line.

    If you do get stitched up, at least you can negotiate the dealers reputation, if you ripped off by a private seller you have no recourse at all, except for maybe blowing up his letterbox a few times.

    not me, but somebody I know
  10. Reading lordtb message made me smile. I helped a friend buy her cbx 250 many years ago. Lovely , light, slim little bike with the little xl 250 motor in it. Cute comstar wheels and looked the part too. Excellent learners bike. I am baby sitting a friends ZXR2 at the moment, little orange rocket, looks the part but not as much fun as the cbx was. Anyone remember the BR 250 Kwaka? those little single cylinder bikes were a hoot