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Where to buy? Unable to find visor for HJC CL-15 helmet

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Ckramer, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. I am looking for tinted visor for HJC CL-15. Visor model is HJ-09 Dark Smoke.

    It's not available at any local retailers. Apparently because CL-15 helmet is relatively new model. If it would be available retailer say it could cost $75.

    There is no australian online retailer that has it or australian ebay seller.

    Only online retailers that has the item and provide inteernational shipping is http://www.ridegear.com and http://www.extrememoto.com (selling on amazon).
    But shipping is $70-100! For such item it should be no more than $30.

    Anyone know places where I can get it? Any other online retailers you know?

  2. google 'helmet warehouse, yagoona'
  3. Go and look in Ebay USA, I recently bought a visor for my HJC, price here in stores was between $60/$72 I ended up getting it delivered for about $30AUD from US.

    edit: a quick look and I found exactly what your after
    clicky here
  4. Dont know about a new model as mine CL15 is well over 12 months old.

    I gave up looking for a tinted visor though and spent cash on good sunnies.
  5. I work at a bike shop and the visors are kept in stock, the 15 is not a new model, has been definitely out for over a year now.
  6. I bought one back in November I think from DA Motorcycles in Adelaide for the princely sum of $69.95, still got the receipt.
    Give 'em a call maybe. (08) 8281 8933
    Tinted visors are the best thing since sliced bread.
  7. :shock: $69.95
    I lurrvveeee ebay :wink:
  8. You can buy a few pairs of good sunglasses for $70 :LOL:
  9. Yeah but wearing sunnies under your visor when you might have to take your lid off a couple of times during a trip is a major PITA.
    I always forget about having them on and usually end up either dropping or squashing them anyway.
    A tinted visor will shit on a pair of sunnies everytime. Great for perving too...... :LOL:

    Yeah love Ebay too, can't always find what you want when you want it there though (even more so lately it seems).

    $69.95.... Meh! beans! It won't even fill my cars fuel tank these days.
    It cost me 90 fuggin dollars to fill up yesterday that might last me 3 days.
  10. I was out at Rider's Edge (Bell St) today, they quoted me $50.