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where to buy tools

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by fubarcbr, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. any one know somewhere to buy bike tools i have checked out the partner stores and have found a few things but not many. would super cheap sell things like chain tools or would my best bet be to go to the bike store.

  2. If I could work out where you live, I could suggest a good tool shop, but it wouldn't be "supercheap"
  3. Hi fubarcbr,
    supercheap is ok for general stuff,
    I purchased stuff like airlines, fittings, some air tools,
    things that only get used occasionally,
    specalist stuff like chain breakers and joiners,
    I would get from trade tools or similar,
    will cost more, but for items that are critical like your bike chain,
    I think is worth a little more cash.

  4. You only buy good tools once.
  5. from recent posts ... it seems plenty of tools are readily available on the Black Spur!! :roll:
  6. Dammit Tim, that was my response before I opened the thread.

    Damn you, damn you to hell!
  7. The toolshed, duh :LOL: :LOL:

    seriously, get the best tools you can afford. I found Bunnings quite helpful. I've heard Repco is pretty good too
  8. cash convertors sometimes have good tools
  9. Snap On Tools are good, lifetime warranty.

    A bit further down the price range KingChrome are OK and also have a lifetime replacement warranty.

    Cheap tools aren't worth buying.
  10. Tools ? you only need one... Rambo's knife :LOL: Then you can make just about any repair, or construct any other tool you may need :wink:

    But seriously

    For tools you need to access what you are attempting to do, and if it’s roadside tools your after or garage tools.
    Work out exactly what you need. Then shop around, the most expensive isn’t always the best !!
  11. The lifetime warranty is good, but not always honoured. In my line of work we are always breaking tools/spanners and after awhile the manufacturer will no longer replace tools that your forever breaking.
    ( have even managed to snap/break 3/4 inch sockets and breaker bars etc )

    So now I just buy whatever is on the shelf when go in :wink:
    With work on average I claim 3500 a year on tools for tax [ thats even after the 'tool allowance' ] :shock:

    PS: but that is working in the field on heavy plant and equipment which is hard on everything. :? :LOL:
  12. Unless they get stolen.

    Closely related to my first point... ;)
  13. HA HA absolutely brilliant, and they are free too, they just drop straight in. :grin:
  14. Super cheap is pretty good for tools. Alot better than bunnings. They also have diffrent quality grades of tools so its not all cheopo stuff. And they are by far the cheapest and best range as far as cheap tools go. The fact is they are so cheap i dont even care if they breaK Once in a while.

    Having said that im always in trade shops and regularly pick up stuff that on specail, sometimes marked down by up to 50% and those tools have neva let me down.
  15. Infinitely more tools available right here on this forum
  16. VTRBob can repair any motorcycle using only a naked woman and a chainsaw. And the naked woman's for afterwards.
  17. There are only 2 tools you need;

    1. WD-40; and
    2. Duct tape

    if it doesnt move and should use the wd-40. If it moves and shouldnt use the Duct tape.

    Mechanics are responsible for everything else. :LOL: :LOL:
  18. Gee Cambo remind me never to ask you for any mechanical/technical advice!