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Where to buy those cylindrical registration sticker holders?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Simon Lockington, May 30, 2010.

  1. I went into Repco and Supercheap today to buy one of these holders (rather than the big rectangular ones), but none of these guys had them.

    Where abouts do you pick these up from?

  2. Go into Northside Motorbikes :) Artarmon - they have tonnes!
  3. got mine on ebay

    you could also check out mca or another specialty shop
  4. Most bike shops I've been to had them.
  5. Thanks guys, found some on ebay and ordered one from there.
  6. Mate, check out AuSFR...... www.ausfr.com.au

    Just ordered a 2nd one myself : $45 dollars plus $5 postage/handling.
    These are the billet alloy black/coloured variety. Great value and good bling factor too !
  7. Guys he's already ordered :)
  8. Very true..and you're obviously more observant than I was :) Thanks Lowercase.

    Hopefully others can benefit from the info above as these really are popular products.
  9. not observant just bored and reading far too much :p:D
  10. I've been on my pc the whole day (though lots of this has to do with the fact it's raining and also that I have a massive hangover...) !!!! I know at times I spend far too much time on Netrider, though my post count would suggest otherwise.
  11. Then post more... and become a post whore like meeee ;)

    I've spent my day reading "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo", I had my 3.5 meals for the day, I played with dog and cat, FAR too much time on netrider (mostly reading but sometimes posting), cleaning and reorganising room and I did a food shop also at woolies...

    Holy mo fo... I've done barely nothing today... SAWEEET!
  12. If there's an award for doing 'NOTHING', surely it's me being top contender ! Only 2 times I've gotten out of bed today : Nature call (won't excite you or anyone with details ;) ) and the other to connect the charger to my MacBook Pro...
    Thought just dawned on me.. hmm...it's 7:44pm here, it's dark and I should probably get outta my room and hit the streets of Hong Kong for some local grub... ya know, take a gamble on life :) Then again, room service is a wonderful thing, too ! lol
  13. Hun - DEFINITELY stay in bed! I usually do do nothing on the weekends, but now I work a 6 day week again (for the time being), I have to do SOME stuff unfortunately.

    Enjoy the room service :D

    I also watched a DVD. Forgot to mention that. Last Saturday for me was very much like your day today.