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Where to buy Suzuki GSXR 1000 2010?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by hotdog, May 3, 2010.

  1. Hey guys.

    Im wondering if anyone can help me with some advice in the purchase of a new GSXR-1000. I live in Sydney (in the concord area). I have decided on purchasing the suzuki after test riding all other competitors and felt like its the best bike for me, it brang a big smile to my face more then any bike i took for a ride. The question i'm asking is, how much should I pay for this bike and where would anyone recommend going to purchase one? I am in no rush to purchase it so i dont mind waiting a month or so. If anyone who has purchased one for a good price or knows someone who has, it would be great to hear from u. Or if u have some advice about haggling with these dealers it would be great.
  2. If you don't mind waiting, wait until later this year for the run out specials. Either that or walk into (yes walk into, don't call) a few shops and ask for quotes. There's not a huge mark up on bikes, so you're better of ensuring they will be able to look after you in the long run rather than saving $200.
  3. Thanks mate. I am thinking of walking into one of the dealers in the western suburbs and see how i go. Thinking around the 17k mark as thats how much they seem to be going online up in a dealer in QLD. they must take a big cut theses dealers.....
  4. stay away from Actions, they love money to much and couldnt care less for customers, no 1 has told them yet that they need customers to make money

    Hills Motorcycles

    Lot 7/4 Victoria Ave, Castle Hill

    Procycles Hornsby

    148 George St, Hornsby

    Western Motorcycles

    283 Mulgoa Rd, Penrith
  5. I didn't think any countries were importing the 2010 model because it is no different from the 2009 and everyone still has stock of 09's.
  6. Not too sure about that JO, I know they are just a colour scheme diffence between the two. But I'm sure there are a few shops with L0 in stock and no K9's, I have spoken to at least one where this is the case. Oh, and there's the hot limited edition ... mmm
  7. Not much margin on bikes, and GSXRs are about the lowest RRP of the 1000s as it is. That said, shop around, you might find a keen salesperson. Might have more luck getting a good deal on accessories and/or gear with the bike.
  8. Everyone's had good and bad service from bike dealers ....but ALOT have had trouble with Actions motorcycle "do a search on them here" .
    I had trouble with my brand new bike after leaving Actions ,it had no oil in it ,parts falling off...... ,and took it back {well it got towed back to the dealer} and they treated me like shit and didn't give a f.uck about me or the troubles I had ,this was 3 hours after I parted with $13,000.

    Go to westerns motorcycles at penrith . I've brought 2 bikes from them and I will buy again ,great service buying and getting service ,I saved over $1500 dollars between actions price and westerns price on my current bike .Westerns was 40 minutes away ,but they deliver the bike to my house so I didn't have to try to get out there to pick it up.

    Or castle hill is another place ,I've heard are ok.
  9. I bought my Suzuki at Sydney City Motorcycles (46-48 Princes Highway, Kogarah).

    The sales team were good, didn't mess me about. Service has been excellent; no dramas whatsoever.

    As far as haggling goes, good luck with that. The best you can do is play a few dealers off each other and see who will go the lowest.
  10. Do the best deal you can on the bike ,and see if you can get a helmet or jacket thrown in or a free first service ,then when they say thats it NO more.

    Than I say hhmmm your almost got the sale ,but then ask for some cheap stuff extra.
    Like some things ...
    Oil $15
    Rain pant $30.
    Rim stickers $30.
    Fog city visor insert {winter is coming}. $30.
    Better grips $30.
    There is a 100 things you will need or want one day for under $50 in the dealers.
    Get them to throw a few into seal the deal ..it will cost them bugger all ,but save you $100's
  11. Hey guys,
    I would like to say good news on my prospects with the GSXR 1000
    I did do some shopping around and suprisingly got a good deal (i think) tell me if im wrong. I rang Sunstate Motorcycles in QLD. They are selling me the brand new black 2010 GSXR1000, 0 ks, oggie knobs, fender eliminator, 6 months QLD rego, delivered to my door in Sydney for $17,600. I think i have done well. will post pics up when the bike is finally delivered in a few weeks :D
  12. How much is Oggy Knobbs and fender eliminator for the Gixxer? $500?

    Why would you want to buy a brand new bike from interstate that only comes with 6 months rego just to save a couple hundreds of dollars?

    Sydney dealers are advertising $17990 ride away with 12 months rego. They can easily throw in either the Oggy Knobbs or fender eliminator if not both.
  13. Don't you have to pay to have the rego transferred to NSW .
    Add that to the price .

    I think thats the same QLD dealer that deliverd a mates his kawai ER6F to NSW ..it was to good a deal to pass up he said...only problem he didn't do his research properly and forgot to asks for the "new" LAMS er6f ,and now hes got a bike he can't ride for 3 years ...totaly his fault ,he didn't go to a local dealer and get the right bike and right info.

    See here $16.000 with fender eliminator and screen "12 months rego" ...

    2010 models $16.500 .,

    You would ride away for under $16,800 with the mods you want.

  14. Hey mate, Yes i did check hills motorcycles. the colour they are offering is a blue/black (which honestly looks like shit if u have seen the photos) i did go in and speak to them and they would not budge from 17880 on the Black model. As for rego in QLD, its ok for me as i am from QLD and parents still live up there so i wont have hassles with extending rego and with my job, im in Defence and have had my car rego'd in qld for the last 5 years and lived in NSW for 3 and there has been no problems when i have been pulled over so i will not be transferring rego. I asked Hills if they could do me a better deal and they wouldnt budge at all on the black model. YES the blue/black model is cheaper but that is for a reason... it looks terrible in comparison to the pure black model im getting :D.
    Thanks for the advice guys. I know u all are trying to help, I did try in NSW for a good deal, but no luck at Hills or the other suggested, they just wouldnt budge...
    http://www.bikesales.com.au/all-bik...4967203 80&seot=1&__Nne=15&trecs=66&silo=1400

    that is the (black one i wanted at HIlls moto) and the price they offered. I know about the one for 16500 but didnt like the colourhttp://www.bikesales.com.au/all-bikes/bnbis/details.aspx?R=7973425&__sid=1286824AB188&__Qpb=true&Cr=13&__Ns=p_PriceSort_Decimal%7c1%7c%7cp_Make_String%7c0%7c%7cp_Model_String%7c0&keywords=&__N=1432%20604%201430%201429%201428%204294967268%204294967203%2080&seot=1&__Nne=15&trecs=66&silo=1400
  15. Those 08 special editions are perfect!!! Pays to wait.
  16. Hey sleddog,
    I did check with Hills Moto, they where the ones that wouldnt budge from 17880 on the *BLACK* GSXR, i know the GSXR u saw on the website was for 16500 but that was the blue one if u check (dont like the colour). As for being rego'd in QLD. Im from QLD and parents live up there so im not fussed with QLD rego as i have had my car rego'd in QLD for the last 5 years when i have been living in Sydney for 3 of those years. Police dont seem to mind too much with rego as im in defence force and constantly moving around.... I can see where your coming from with the bike for 16500. I did think about it but im not going to spend that kind of cash on a bike when i dont like the colour.

    Thanks everyone for your input. I am looking forward to getting the bike soon and will post the pics of the bike when i get it and do my mods :D.
  17. Hi Hotdog .
    Yeah you got the bike you wanted ,that is that matters in the end ...congrats and enjoy.