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Where to buy second hand in Qld

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Vargulf, Jun 16, 2012.

  1. Hey all,
    I have recently got my L's license and was wondering if there is an well known auction for buying 2nd hand bikes or if private sellers are the only real way? I'm at uni with 5K to spend and I'm looking to spread the cash as far as possible.

    I'm after a CB400 or a GS500, as new as possible. I've got a great bike checklist to use thanks to this forum when I do find a bike to look at.
    My height is 6'1 and the CB400 is definitely my preferred bike.

    Cheers all

  2. Bikesales, ebay, gumtree

    I doubt if your budget will get a cb400 though. Really just get a 250cc on a uni budget, cheaper to buy and run, and you can put up with their shortcomings for the savings
  3. Yeah, I think that you will struggle with those bikes in your budget. That or you'll find a poor example. You are better off getting a better example 250 as VC has stated.

    Plus you will need to factor in gear as well.

    I spent around $1,000 on gear, $210 on insurance and picked up my bike from a dealer for $3,700. This will well and truly do me for the first year and the gear should last me a while.

    Get the best bike you can for the money and buy your gear first.
  4. Dont buy a CB400, you wont be able to afford a good one only a POS grey import from the 90's before they had Vtec and became good bikes. Also at 6ft1 i doubt you will be very comfortable, they are tiny bikes im 6ftish and i feel like im sitting on a toy when i sit on one.

    Go for some 250cc instead i would reccomend:

    Honda CB250F Hornet - CBR250RR engine detuned for road use, put in a naked chassie
    Honda VTR250 - Vtwin, very reliable, good bikes to ride, decent power and torque.
    Suzuki GSF250C Bandit - Pretty much suzukis hornet, red top motors are AUDM
    Yamaha 250 Zeal - Pretty much yammys hornet im told, apparently good bikes to ride i dont know myself though.

    Figured you wanted something sensible and not a stupid 250CC race rep, but take one for a test ride, if you can handle the position it puts you in, its worth it for sure.

    I had a 5k budget and am a uni student and i went with the Hornet as my first bike and it was the best decision i ever made, cant think of a better first bike, they are a bit rare and are all imported so servicing is slightly more difficult, however it has very few unique parts so mostly this is not an issue, (shares body parts with the Hornet 600 and engine parts with the 250RR (mostly))

    EDIT: CB400 was my dream bike but alas i couldnt afford a good one with my budget which was also 5k

    GS500s you can get for cheap though as they have been making them a long time, but they are pretty shit bikes to be honest, suspension is terrible, brakes are crap, engine is crap, gearbox is good. When i say crap i just mean not performance orientated, they are pretty much soley commuter bikes and any hard braking will see you bottom out the forks and go pogoing across the road.

    EDIT 2: How much you weigh bro? anything above 85kg id say go for an old GS500 over a 250cc else you wont move much, either that or lose weight, i lost 45kg because i couldnt afford the rego for anything above 250cc at the time :p
  5. I'd personally go for a private seller - but I've had some bad experiences with Dealers personally. Bikesales, gumtree and eBay as said above will be your best bets. Just learn what the prices (approx) are for the bikes as a general consensus and go from there. You'll definitely need to consider gear and insurance though. Don't forget to always talk the person down. 9/10 you will be able to lower the price (unless you're getting a great deal... then take it straight away!)
  6. Sweet, thanx all for the solid gold suggestions. I will buy gear first now. That's sound strategy that I hadn't thought of. That means what ever is left is exactly what I can pay for the bike. And I've got no problem bartering down the price if only I knew what I was talking about in a bike lol. Can anyone suggest a one-stop thread on this pimp site for beginner quality safety gear that wont break the bank?

    I'm a skinny c at only 75-80kg. The CB400 might be too cramped for me, I really do need to test ride the GS500 and CB400 soon.

    I thought the 250 hornet was exactly the same size frame as the CB400, am I wrong in this? Its does look great, I just wanted a bike I wouldn't grow out of in 5 yrs. Sounds like my best bet is to work up a larger budget in the uni break. It was for the reasons stated that I eventually look past the GS500 too. But I'll consider that list of 250's anew. I'm finding bikes aren't cheap considering the materials that go in to them in comparison to a car for the same money, but they do have advantages ;-)...

    Ebay, gumtree and private listings are what i have been searching so I'll keep it up, try and increase my knowledge first.
  7. Just on your comment krollinator can someone venture what is a mid range price to pay for the CB400, hornet 250 and GS500? The prices fluctuate hugely on ebay, must be some duds in there...
  8. I'd say for $4.5k you'd get a good GS500 with rego, rwc and possibly even a rack on the back, as a reasonably new model (2008+) with maybe ~15000kms.

    For the hornet two fiddy, a decent price would be about 4k ish?

    The CB400... Looks like you'll be paying around 6. If you had a trusted mechanic you could get something like this checked out, but there is a big risk in doing something like that unless you know what you're doing.

    I saw a cb400 on eBay for $150k? Seems like a reasonable price...

    But besides that - you can buy some kevlar jeans off Tamakii on this site for $130, which is your pants. The thing you need to realize is that you won't get the best gear or the best helmet - you'll probably get the shittest one. That's part of the fun though. You slowly build up your collection of good shit.

    As for your bike lasting you 5 years... It depends on what sort of person you are. Me personally - thought that my twofiddy would last me throughout uni and that sort of stuff... But I know I'll want to upgrade to something more powerful. If you purchase a bike now - with your budget, and DON'T have the mindset that you'll keep it, you'll open up your horisons to many more different bikes. Of course, you're the only person that can decide this, but in a year or two you can probably earn quite a bit of money, so you can sell your bike in two years and upgrade. You won't lose thousands on your bike. Hell, you might even be able to get more than you sold it for if you play your cards right.

    Say you settle for a 250 hornet for 3.5k. In a year or two it might be worth 2.5 - 3, but in that year or two you might've earnt 7k! So then, you can sell your bike for 3, and comfortably spend 6 on JUST the bike?

    Just a suggestion mate - good luck in your decision!
  9. Lol yeah that 150K Cb400 he allready sold and so was trying to dissuade bids, I wondered too.

    Thanks for your time mate. Hornet looks perfect I'm going to test ride one. Then upgrade guilt free after uni.
  10. All good buddy. If you need a hand with anything else post it up :)