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Where to buy RVF400

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Nimir Anu, Oct 4, 2016.

  1. Sorry to bump this post - Noob! LOL

    I'm wanting to get me 1 of them nifty little rvf400's.
    I absolutely LOVE the gear-driven cam "whine" alongside the deep throaty exhaust of the VFR, & I figure an RVF would sound similar with same engine configuration, being a V4 also.
    Another advantage of a V4 is less engine vibrations, certainly as opposed to a twin.
    Plus I read on net they're the fastest & most powerful lams bikes available here?

    Is there anywhere to buy these "Grey Import" bikes besides ShitMoto, as I read pretty much nothing but bad shit 'bout that mob?

    PS: A query: a Grey Import is a non-official import of an overseas bike recomplianced to show it meets (&/or exceeds) ADR reg's, BUT that may or may not have parts readily available through your local dealership? So, you could possibly be forced to source & import own parts from country of origin?
    Would this be an accurate description of a Grey Import?

    Cheers folks!
  2. Yes, that would be an accurate description of a Grey Import. But with the addition of some shops won't touch them for anything other than basic servicing and maintenance.
  3. Yeah, that don't bother me none as I always service my own vehicles. Just get the Haynes, Elleries, or Gregory's service/repair manual (there's a Haynes 1 for the RVF4!).
    The $ you save on not having to pay a mechanics markup in parts Plus labour you could buy your next bike in 10 years, or buy your kid/s their 1st ride? ;)
  4. Hee you go mate. Quite a price range here....

    Check out these bikes.
    Motorcycles for Sale in Australia - bikesales.com.au
  5. Been there. A lot are as much (or more) as getting 1 from Shitmoto & most have come from them to begin with. lol
    I just found 2 in Melb @ $5,500 each that have damages listed, but by the time you've fixed & rego'd it it's as much or more than getting a shitmoto. Had a look at that whomever Stevens mob, no rvf4's.
    Shitmoto seem to be about the only 1's that have 'em.
    There's a lovely sounding 1 on bikesales for $5k (the red 1!). Looks & sounds like is well self-maintained? I'd prefer a different colour scheme.
    I don't much like my chances of getting 1 real soon though, requiring finance & being unemployed & all, & saving for a new PC @ moment as I need to get back into my music & pc crapped itself awhile ago.
    Am just doung research basically, work out which is the better way to go, the ins-&-outsof priv vs shitmoto, an idea of what i'm likely to need to spend, etc...
  6. Keep an eye on Ebay and Gumtree. RVF's have an artificially high asking price but they simply aren't worth it with the current crop of LAMS bikes that are available on the market competing against them.

    I got my RVF for $4150 including delivery and RWC from a guy that was originally asking for a lot more. It was in brilliant condition and I am very happy with my purchase.

    Most of the people selling RVF's don't really know enough about them (or bikes in general for that matter) to really understand their true value. They try to add the cost of all of the ebay bling that they've bought to their asking price, thinking that it's worth it but in reality they have neglected the far more important mechanical aspects, such as engine maintenance, bearing replacement and suspension work.

    My suggestion would be to use the fact that you will need to spend time and money on replacing bearings/seals, having the 20yo suspension correctly rebuilt etc. as a bargaining tool, as the sellers likely havn't factored it into their pricing.
  7. #7 Nimir Anu, Oct 5, 2016
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 13, 2016
    Aha, I hear ya.
    Yeah, a lot are noobs that are clueless. lol
    Yeah, I'lI be sure to have a gd look at sprockets & chain as well as tyres to try negotiate a better price if they're worn also. Plus, I s'pose, have a 1/2 decent gander at the crank/cam sprockets for wear.
    Don't worry, I'm a v gd negotiator. ;)

    I should get a Haynes manual for them before I buy 1, to take along & utilize for testing HT lead resistances, & I'll be sure to do a comp test, remove & inspect plugs etc...
    Hopefully this tactic with a noob will scare them outta selling me a lemon? Hahaha!!
    Go over it top to bottom, so to speak.
    Dunno if Sumoto would like me going fully over 1 of theirs in such manner? But then, if not myself, I'd have a qualified mech go right over it.
  8. I don't know how well you'll go with that, as the RVF can be very time consuming to work on given how tightly packed everything is. The seller is likely to say no to you pulling all of the fairings etc. off and potentially damaging it.

    I'd suggest writing down a list of parts and work that will likely need to be done (chain,sprockets, brakes, suspension, tyres etc.) and factor it into your negotiations.

    Going into too much detail and pushing too hard is likely to get the seller offside and less likely to negotiate.