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Where to buy replacement visors?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by daewoo, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. Is there some secret place that those 'in the know' know to go to for replacement visors???

    I think I am pretty careful with my helmet, it is either on my head or on the filing cabinet at work, or on the beer fridge at home... yet still the visor is getting pretty scratched up...

    Local Bike Shop can get them for $50 (RRP) and online they seem even more from OS... a bit expensive if they need to be replaced a bit frequently...

    Helmet is a Shark S800... bike travels from Southern Sydney to Sydney CBD daily... any links to online stores or places that will do better deals appreciated...

  2. Hey Daewoo.

    Ditto. Mine is a Shoei TZ-R.

    I'd like to get a tinted or iridium shield, but they do seem a bit difficult to source and certainly not that easy to find online somewhere.

    I did find a few at bikebiz.com.au. They're closer to you than me (Paramatta).

    Also in the US on newenough.
  3. Go check out ebay USA.
    I got a new visor for $23AU delivered, and all the stores here wanted about $60.
  4. I'll keep trying...

    I think I am hampered by it being a Shark Helmet (French, made in Thailand or Laos) which means they just don't seem to be as plentiful as Arai or Shoei etc...

    I'll start searching eBay and newenough.

  5. daewoo, is your S800 lid one of those with the external sun visor? any chance of giving us some comments/review on this shark lid?
  6. No... I think that might be the difference between the S800 and S800s... Mine was a $50 eBay special, so I am a bit hesitant to spend that much again to replace the visor...

    As far as the helmet goes, it is pretty comfortable, although does seem to let in a lot of wind noise... The plastic pieces that are supposed to clip together to hold the material lining in place pull apart a lot, but it is no big deal...

  7. I was looking at overseas visors and was told that they were all illegal to wear as they don't have the AS sticker on it
  8. It is true, just like a helmet, visors are supposed to have an AS Sticker. It is also true that in the history of the world, no one has ever been booked for not having one... in fact, I would be pretty confident, that in the history of the world, no one has ever been booked for having a helmet without the AS sticker, as long as it looked like a normal motorbike helmet.

    The only thing I would be worried about is if the insurance company looks to it as a reason not to pay out a claim. I know a guy who was knocked over by a car and suffered massive internal injuries, but no head injuries... the insurance company was fighting the claim because, whilst have an Australian Standards compliance, his helmet was more than 10 years old... the scum will do anything to get out of a claim if it is big enough...

  9. Try Bikemart in Ringwood mate, that's where I get mine. Also get a netrider discount there.
  10. Tinted visors don't comply with standards and therefore don't carry an AS sticker. Cops by and large don't care about it in daytime, however people can and have been booked at night for wearing them. I'd be quite happy buying a tinted one from overseas because it will be just as technically illegal as ones bought here - all of which come with the disclaimer "for racetrack use only" or similar.

    Don't assume that if a helmet looks like a normal motorbike helmet, or is identical to an Aussie release model but was purchased overseas that you won't get booked if it doesn't carry the AS sticker. Your history of the world must be a dodgy edited copy because plenty of people have been pulled over and been booked for wearing a non AS approved helmet.

    I seem to recall MG even posting a story here somewhere about either himself or a friend/relative of his being booked for wearing a helmet with no AS sticker and fighting it through the court when whilst there was indeed no sticker on the outside of the helmet it carried the AS tag inside the helmet. Little hazy on the detail but I remember MG posting it.