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Where to buy PC Hardware in Melbourne CBD?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by jd, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. Got an afternoon to kill in the city tomorrow and figure this might be a good chance to pick up a new video card (needs to be an AGP one and they're not easy to find here). Yes I've checked yellowpages and it's pretty much useless since it gives no indication of whether a business has a decent amount of stock or if it's the usual computer type place that's nothing more than a desk where you can order stuff in - and I'd like to actually see what I'm buying.
    So anyone know of anywhere (or work for somewhere) that's got a decent stock of video cards and is within reasonable walking/tram distance of the CBD?

  2. CPL in North Melbourne.

    Just up from the Watershed on Dudley Street.
  3. Well you can come to my work :p ... Bust we dont stock a lot...

    Best bet and cheaper than other stores, is CPL ( www.cpl.net.au ), or MSY ( www,msy.com.au )...
  4. Ahh excellent, that CPL place looks like just what I was after (might even grab an external HDD too :grin:).
  5. I've got a radeon 9550 agp card on my p4 clunker.
    It is a great card for photochopping and the 21 inch lcd I'm using.
    Didn't cost the earth either.
  6. Who cares?????

    He wanted to know where to buy part from. I doubt very much that he gives a shit whats in your box and what you use to view it with :p:p:p
  7. I had a fairly good card on the computer, which died after slightly less than a year. No problems I thought since the computer had a 12 month warranty. Only problem was the shop didn't have one in stock so put in a FX5500 as a "temporary fix".
    2 years later and I've given up waiting for the replacement :mad: .

    Needless to say a certain Ballarat computer store will NEVER see my business again - and has already lost several dozen new PC sales from people I know.

    But basically I'm not after anything fancy, just something at least as good as what the computer was meant to have.
  8. Maybe he does :p

    agp cards are getting harder to find but still out there.
  9. Actually I am curious how the Radeon compares with the Nvidia stuff - ie what's a 9550 equivalent to?
    And was it cheaper/more expensive?
  10. I paid about $100 for it last year ATI chips not sure how it compares to the nvidia's
    Some specs from here.

    http://snipurl.com/230ef [accessories_us_dell_com]
  11. Hmm from what I can find the 9550's not much faster than what I've already got (which is too slow).
    I was looking more for something more like the Nvidia 7600 - dunno what the ATI equivalent is though.
  12. No doubt a wander along Elizabeth Street will also occur :wink:
  13. More than likely :). Though I wish I'd known I was going to be down there earlier so I could have ordered some parts in. Although last time the local shop turned out to be cheaper than PS anyway, and took less time to get them (despite being a Kwaka dealer).
  14. +1, but don't go down at between 12pm-1.30pm as the queues get annoyingly long.

    If you can't be assed walking all the way to CPL then Nexus Technology on La Trobe Street has comparable prices to CPL (slightly more expensive) but they don't have the range that CPL have...
  15. If i was you and wanted to get the last high end AGP card i would be looking for an Nvidia Geforce7800 GS 512 MB ram ...runs most new games well still (i guess as long as the rest of your systems not too shabby) im guessing they have come down in price a hell of alot since i got mine

    CPL also gets a vote for good prices