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Where to buy new chain and sprockets.....

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by oz_johnno, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. Hi there,
    Well after 61000km of tender lovin care, the Chain and sprokets of the ZX14 have given up the ghost and need to be replace.

    Where is the best (cheapest) place to get these items ???


  2. Most places will probably be similarly priced, JT sprockets will be the norm, unless you go with something specific like Vortex or Chain Gang sprockets. The chain will be the biggest expense, your manual probably specifies a $300 chain...

    Race Replica in Brooklyn are my local shop, if you're a Netrider member you get 10% off if you show your card... Might be worth seeing if any of your local shops are affiliates.
  3. Give moto heaven a call, there on napean hwy.. got mine there and adrian will look after you
  4. "sprocket center" in the US, with postage, still between 1/2 and 2/3 of anything you will get here.
  5. Thanks for the tips guys....... Now all I gotta do is work out how to get the front sprocket off without an impact wrench......

  6. Big breaker bar.

    If you're really careful, you can put something in the wheel to stop it moving, best to pad it though.

    If you're anywhere near me, you can use my impact wrench...
  7. I used loctite freeze and release when my improvised 2.5m breaker bar didn't work.
  8. I'm also up for chain and sprockets. Anyone have any comments on the value of paying extra for the likes of chain gang sprockets versus standard/cheaper?

    Do they represent value or just a marketing gimmick?
  9. I'm told they last a lot longer (by the guy at Chain Gang), but being fairly broke last chain & sprocket change I just got the JT sprockets...

    $145 for CG or $60 odd for JT.

    The ones I took off (also JT) had barely any wear when overlaid with the new ones, but my chain was shagged, so it might be worthwhile going up a notch in chain quality.

    Anyway, shouldn't your bike have a shaft drive????
  10. definately a chain drive, your thinking about the GTR1400..... my next bike perhaps :)

  11. oh yeah and karl, thanks for the tip mate, I can get chain and sprockets (DID 530 xring chain, moly front sprocket and hardened steel rear sprocket) for $270 inc postage

    $320 if I want to move up to super sprockets

  12. If you were talking to me I meant GreyBM, who I presume has a BMW.

  13. No worries, the chain I buy for the birds (mine and missus') is DID ZVM2 X ring, I hear they even now have an upgrade to that for 1000cc plus bikes. I use an oiler so have 40,000km and only 2 minor adjustments so far. Standard steel sprockets are all good IMHO...


    ZVM2, upgrade called ZVMX

  14. Some BMW's have chains. Mine has a shaft, but I also have a Yam XJ600.
  15. even with postage, that place has been the cheapest i've found so far....i only need to decide on a red or black chain now \\:D/