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Where to buy leathers near Melbourne

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Mr Nick, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. I'm in the market for a new one-piece leather suit and wondered if anybody had any recommendations as to places with a decent range to try. I'm based down in Mt Martha and nobody seems to stock them around here as they say they are too expensive to have hanging on the rack. I don't want to take a chance with mail order as sizing is so massively different between suits that i really need to try them on.

    I went to Peter Stevens in Melbourne today and tried on 5 or 6 Dainese suits but the salesman didn't seem interested in the fact that I couldn't lift my arms above shoulder height or that the zip wouldn't close up to my chin so I decided to take my business elsewhere - the problem is where?

    I know there is debate on the board about one and two piece suits and everybody has their own opinion but before people start jumping in saying I should consider two-piece, I really don't want to go down that route. I had one previously but in a high-speed get-off and slide down the tarmac the zip joint gave way and opened up and it's not something I want to go through again - I've used and crashed one-piece suits before and they have always served me well so I'd like to stick on that path but it just seems a little harder to track them down here than it did when I lived in the UK.
  2. Tiger Angel.

    In North Melbourne (Behind Festival hall). Go there, they measure you up, go back a few weeks later, perfect fitting leathers.

    You won't ever regret it ;)
  3. I'm in Perth and had exactly the same issue and there's nothing like Tiger Angel in WA. I ended up at Austsales and am just waiting for the results.
  4. I've heard nothing but great things from Tiger Angel as well.
  5. Is Scorpion Leathers in Berwick still in business? My leather pants have been terrific...
  6. Pity I didn't know about Tiger Angel before I went to the city - could've called in while I was there. I'll hopefully get up there later in the week and see what they can do for me - thanks for the pointer :grin:
  7. You have had some good suggestions allready but I will spoil you for choice:

    Mars Leathers Elizabeth St Melbourne.

    They have been in business since cocky was an egg... and cockatoos have very very long lifespans.... Like the leather jacket I bought from there in 1981. I still use it regularly, it's seen the length and breadth of this country, saved my skin more than once and it still looks the business.

    Made in Melbourne.... these guys seriously know their business.
  8. Chris (proprietor) is winding down his business I hear. Sells most of his gear on ebay these days.
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  11. The selection at Port Melbourne is fairly limited - especially if you aren't after cruiser gear. Sizing varies wildly - even between two of the same style which are listed as the same size on the tag - with everything having been hand made you absolutely have to try everything on there to find something that may fit. Its often difficult to find something that actually fits - however they are happy to alter anything to suit. Only problem with that at the moment is that their seamstress has had a heart attack and they don't have anyone to do alterations or repairs at the moment.

    That being said, they are top people there and will do what they can to help you out and I've bought gear there that I'm very happy with. I just wouldn't send along someone who is after a one piece racing suit expecting to find something there that they'd either like or have a hope of fitting into. You'd have more success with ordering from their website as there are more options available - but its a catch 22 situation - with my experience of them I wouldn't buy something without trying it on first - even if I was buying an 'exact' replacement of something I already bought from them.
  12. Black Rose is a great spot for gloves, their race gloves are cheap, comfortable and very well made. But yes, I dunno about their leathers per se.

    Tiger Angel is a top choice, even if their stuff doesn't look so great, it's custom made so it fits perfectly and it's well known to be some of the best quality gear out there. It's expensive at around $2000 a suit but there's plenty of brand name off-the-rack stuff as pricey as that and more.

    Mars Leathers made me a custom pair of leather pants years ago. They sucked big time. I was uninformed at the time and may have been asking for the wrong thing, but regardless they're just shithouse in terms of fit, comfort and usability. They fit even worse with knee armour in.

    So I'd go to Tiger Angel if I were you, or else find a place with a better salesman to take you through what's on the racks.
  13. Go for a run down to Phillip Island and drop into Bikers Gear Australia.

    Have a chat with Frog, he's a top bloke and will be happy to help you out.
  14. I think it is Delini Leathers in Coburg cnr Sydney Rd and Gaffney St., designs and makes his own top quality individual stuff. I know he advertises on Netrider
  15. Chris & the missus, Kim, are top people! Bought 2 items off them, in 2 minds to purchase more.

    During casual chat Kim did mention they were winding down the biznes somewhat as Chris wanted to conentrate on his racing career.

    Their leather gear are priced well below market prices.
  16. I'm with the Tiger Angel supporters. Got mine made there almost 12mths ago and no regrets, apart from them not making the pants big enough and now don't fit me ](*,) but the jacket still fits perfect.

    And a bonus is you get a discount for being a Netrider member :dance:
  17. John at Kawa Morno has decent range and also wont cost the earth like Tiger Angel (although they are just Lovely!!