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Where to buy K&N Oil filters on Northern Beaches?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Simon Lockington, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. Gidday guys,
    Today I gave Repco a call to order a K & N 138 oil filter, but they weren't interested "Oh a motorbike filter??? You'll need to call a motorbike store for that".

    Surely not?

    Anyone know of a place I can get one around the northern beaches area? Or even Sydney?
  2. Tried ebay?
    That's where I get the K&N filters for my car from, at a much cheaper price than any of the local stores quoted.
  3. Yes mate, grab them off Motorcycle Weaponry in Mona Vale. The guy there is a champ, ex racer too. I got my Hornet's filter for $14. After getting my bike serviced by them there's no way I'm going back to Lloyd Penn's

  4. Either that or try APW in Brookvale (9905 3748).

    I never knew where Motorcycle Weaponry was until a few weeks ago. I rode down to APW to get a puncture repaired and later found out I could spit to Motorcycle Weaponry from my back yard. That and the fact that Motorcycle Weaponry was $10 cheaper for the puncture repair to boot!

    @Simon, if you go to Motorcycle Weaponry, go in the driveway at the end of the colder-sac and follow the lane-way to the end where it opens up to into carpark.

    @Toadcat... any luck on that "no show" P-Plate rip-off you got a couple of weeks ago?
  5. Thanks guys, got some off ebay in the end, though will check out Weaponry for my next service.
  6. Sent it out to them in the mail a couple of days ago - no sign yet so fingers crossed.