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Where to buy Ixon pants in Melbourne?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by sumo, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Hi folks
    Can anyone recommend a friendly store in West to Inner Melbourne who stock a full range of Ixon gear - more specifically their men's textile pants?

    They look fantastic, but I have only found their items online at either bikebiz or teammoto.com.au, but actaully want to try them on before I buy!

    Also, any opinions on said pants if you have them or even seen them would be fantastic!


  2. If you can stray eastward, Clipstone Yamaha in Ringwood got 'em.
  3. I know its on the other side of town, but Bike Mart in Ringwood stocks heaps of Ixon gear.

    It may be worth the trip and the guys are really really helpful
  4. RidersEdge in Heidelberg have them too.
  5. Hey a belated thanks for your replys guys!

    I ended up buying some Draggin knee armour, getting my wife to sew some velcro to the inside of my shift motocross pants (she still hasn't forgiven me!) and viola - overpants!

    Has anyone tried/owned the ixon pants? - they seemed a bit "summery" to me. Then again, I'm kinda looking for pants that are versatile enough to do all 4 seasons, so I'm probably being a bit harsh and setting myself up for disappointment.

    All thoughts appreciated...
  6. I have a full Ixon 2-piece womans suit that I wear 2/3 of the year during the colder months. Has zip out quilted liner in jacket & removable cotton liner in pants. I can't say enough about it - love it. Been caught in a downpour & stayed perfectly dry. But when the temps hover towards the 30 mark I find it too warm - even with lining removed, so get the draggons & leather/textile jacket out instead :)
  7. hey sumo...I got a pair of ixon climber pants for about $190. They are pretty good designed for winter and summer...it has an inner lining that keep you very warm in winter and you can remove it in summer...paddin in all the necessary places. I got caught in very heavy rain and water got into the crouch area...but everywhere else was dry...when I say 'heavy' rain I mean bucketing! anyway I think they are really good. Try Bikes Plus in keilor rd essendon, they are friendly and helpful there ask for john.