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Where to buy high-visibility gear in Melbourne?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by zenali, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. I've seen a few threads about the relative merits of high-visibility gear floating around, and I've certainly seen a few riders on the roads wearing the fluro yellow or orange vests, jackets, or even full suits. I know that on my pushbike I always try to be as conspicuous as possible, and I'm planning to do the same on my motorcycle. (Yes, yes, I know I will look like a knob. But I'd rather that than look like a TAC commercial.)

    I've looked in the local Army Disposal shop, which is where I got my fluro gear for the pushie, but they only have things that close with velcro. I'd rather have something with clips or a zipper so that it is (hopefully) less likely to flap about in the breeze.

    Does anybody know a good place fairly central in Melbourne where I can pick up some high-visibility gear?
  2. Most bicycle shops will have bright riding friendly over gear.

    or you could go for something like:

    But why stop there... you might as well complete the picture with:

    But seriously, good call on being seen. Do what you can to get through the learning phase safely.... looky looky what a simple search showed up:

    www.ridergear.us -have hi viz gear for motorcyclists.
  3. man, just go to a safety shop like RSEA and buy a hi-vis vest for $5, toss it over the top of your jacket, wear it till its dirty and throw it away.
  4. robsalvv, that tutu is a great example! I'd certainly stand out. :) Of course, I might cause crashes as motorists scramble over each other to get out of my way...

    vic, thanks for the name. That's exactly the kind of thing I was hoping for. :)

    All of my searches were bringing me to places where the minimum order was 20 (which is a bit over the top for one couple who share a motorbike).
  5. Aldi are currently selling hi-viz vests for just under $5
  6. There is a new work safety gear store that just popped on Kielor park drive... right next to AMX incidently.
  7. I'll check Aldi in the CBD tomorrow morning, and if that is a bust I'll head out to Keilor Park Drive I suppose.

    Thanks guys!
  8. Zenali, they'll be the velcro ones that you've already said you don't want.

    Having said that, the velcro ones happily hold on at legal speeds.

    There's also Allsafe and some other safe work gear places. I reckon even Target/Big W/Bunnings might have a high viz jacket somewhere in their range...
  9. Thanks robsalvv - I think I'll give the velcro ones a go. They're pretty cheap, and if I find it flaps around too much or billows out then I can either (a) slow down, or (b) look at finding a zip up one. Won't know unless I try. :)
  10. put it on back to front if you can work out how to do it up.
    (the scooter girls in taipei wear their jackets back to front on the scooter then
    switch when they arrive)
  11. What a great idea! Now that you mention it, I've seen the same thing in Singapore. Of course, it would make it very difficult to get the vest off again to get into my jacket pockets...
  12. some elastic might work and you could pull it on and off
    I have a hi vis jacket so I don't have to do this
  13. I have approximately 50 in my work car.
  14. nice try but i used that on a girlfriend once and it didn't convince her :grin: sorry
  15. RSEA is also located at the Airport end of Keilor Park Drive if you're in that area although companies like RSEA have several branches around Melbourne.
  16. Zippered hi viz vests are standard. It's funny what you see around work when you start noticing.

    I think they're like $30 vs $10 for the velcro ones.

  17. I did pick up a velcro one, which is doing the job. Well... I presume it is making me more visible, but it doesn't seem to stop people from cutting me off or pulling out in front of me so close that I have to brake.

    I'd still like a zippered one, so if I ever see one I'm going to grab it.
  18. That just highlights that you can't relax your roadcraft and vigilance ever.
  19. You can say that again, robsalvv.