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Where to buy helmet/jackets in melbourne?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by hyper24, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. Just got my license today so been looking like crazy for a bike, but going to take my time to get the right one.

    But I still need to buy my protectivee gear, the guy at H.A.R.T said riders edge is a really good place, http://www.ridersedge.com.au/ but looking at their website it doenst look like they have a big range of helmets and jackets.
    Everything seemed more geared towards motorcross, none of the helmets on the site were even full faced.

    Im looking for a place with a huge range of helments so i can try them on to find the best fit.
    Plus a good leather jacket (not a biker looking one) something stylish.

    Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  2. what area you in ??
  3. Essendon, Vic.
  4. well go to Bikes plus on keilor rd nth essendon, Greg is a great bloke to deal with there...
  5. Checkout the gear pages in the forums, quite a few threads on this lately, esp for good online stores...
  6. also head into the city. heaps of shops and mars leathers have all different styles of jackets..
  7. definately dont buy a helmet without trying it first, but buy online for the rest if you can, you'll save a fortune.

    just one of the many netrider discounters - www.rmgear.com.au
  8. Keilor road, beautiful right around the corner, will check it out tomorrow.


    Thats the type of jacket im talking about, something along the lines of that, I like buying stuff online i know ill save heaps, but I would really like to try the stuff on first.

    What places in the city? all those shops down elizabeth street?
  9. Redwing is about 20mins up bell st from you they have a decent range.
  10. yeah all the shops in elizabeth st. Peter stevens have a huge range. and mars leathers is on the same side a little further south.
  11. http://www.rmgear.com.au/images/b race jacket/monsterii.jpg

    $200 at RM gear, minus the 10% netrider discount. the bloke is in narre warren if you want to try the stuff on and has a return policy if the fit isn't right :wink:
  12. Sorry to drag up a bit of an old thread.

    Just wanted to give Craig and rmgear a well deserved wrap. I got a 2 piece leathers suit today (http://www.rmgear.com.au/images/a 2 pce/verona.jpg).

    The suit is awesome, fits great, I can't believe how comfortable it is! I got my wife a Dyno as well, she loves it. Went riding with friends today and now a mates wife wants one as well :)

    Well worth giving him a call/email if you're looking for good quality, good value gear. The discounts from being a Netrider member far outstrip the membership fee, very good value all round.


  13. There is a bloke at pipeworks market who sells bike clothing he has good leather jackets pants and draggins. Not much in the way of helmets thought.

    Got a great jacket off him for 200 bucks and a leather vest.

    Yes im a harley rider.