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Where to buy good, cheap (I.e no ne) gear in melb?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by horto15, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,

    I'm over from Tas to watch the tennis for 6 days and while I'm here would like to pick up a few bits and pieces, leather jacket, pair of summer and winter gloves and some draggin jeans.

    Are there any areas that have clusters of bike shops or even one particular shop to go to? As I said in title, just after mo name or cheapER stuff rather than the top brands

    Thanks in advance!!
  2. Peter Stevens are probably one of the most expensive in my experience from shopping in the past 2 months. Even their clearance store is a rip off.

    If you want affordable, reliable, bargain and sturdy stuff then go to amx. They are probably 3 times bigger then the peter stevens gear section.

    I got decked out from head to toe in good gear for $1100.00.

    My mate just bought a bike from Peter Stevens and they decked him out as a learner beginner rider for nearly $2000.00.

    If you ask them for a product they straight away take you to the most expensive ones hoping you'll buy it.

  3. Would be handy to know where your staying, I assume in the CBD somewhere.

    Peter stevens clearance in the city is the best in the city but they seem to usually only have higher end sort of gear (eg Dainese).

    Try down Elizabeth Street, that's where most of the bike stores are.

    Out of the city gives you a much better range, but you'd need a car/bike to get to most places.
  4. Hi guys thanks for the responses, yeah staying in the CBD so Peter Stevens and Eliz st sound pretty good to me! Awesome
  5. My Peter Stevens gear is

    Joe Rocket 1 piece leather suit $500
    Shark RSR2 Helmet $400
    AGVSport boots $150
    Kawasaki Gloves $50

    i.e. full kit suitable for the track for $1100. Just have to be ther ewhen what you want is cheap. have other gear that I mix and match for touring etc and I have race boots from somewhere else.

    So if you are careful you can get good gear cheaply there.
  6. I bought an Ogio backpack from the Fern Tree Gully PS Clearance Store.

    Saw it in the City clearance centre on the weekend for $10 more expensive. I guess they have to pay those city rents somehow :)
  7. I guess you have to be at ps at the right time for the bargains but in general their prices tend to be higher than suburban stores possibly to do with their location but I'd rather not contribute in paying off their rent unless the price is right.
  8. There is a stall at Victoria Market (CBD) on Saturday mornings and Sundays that sells motorcycle gear. It's a mixture of locally made and cheaper imports, textile and leather and looks more or less OK. Close to Elizabeth Street.
  9. Does Aldi still have any gear down in Melb? If so, it'll be "cheap" compared to most of the stuff in PS etc. but can't vouch for quality having not bought any myself, but usually most of it is TuvGS (German safety standards) so should be top notch.

    Otherwise, use your google search for sites in the uk/us or from their versions of ebay. Will save you $$$'s easily (my branded textiles was cheaper than the Aldi stuff in Brissie...) and as you probably don't have a huge choice of outlets in Tassie (but offer them the chance to match, or get close to the price 1st and watch their faces...), a good way of accessing exotic kit. $500 can go a long, long way. $200 won't cover much skin, bargain basement or not...

    Good luck finding the gear and have fun doing so!