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Where to buy gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by aroberts1979, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,

    Where's the cheapest place to buy riding gear?

    Does textile offer protection as well as leather would?

    Is it advisable to wear special boots or are trainers sufficient?

    Sorry for all the questions! I'm a newbie
  2. Buy decent boots - preferable ones that protect ankles - if you want to keep your foot that is. (had a small off in plain leather casuals, lets just say i learn't my lesson as my right leg was pinned under the bike as i slid on the road. Knee and ankle taking the brunt, shoes did nothing) - now wear boots that go above ankles.

    Luckily my right hand only had minor grazing, dunno how, BUY gloves! - i dont leave without them.

    I had a textile jacket. Saved half my body - textile or leather of any decent brand will protect at normal around town riding. Full leather if you think your Stoner.

    With Jacket's you can try on and buy online from reputable sellers (its cheaper).

    Pants i always buy in Aus as pants sizes could vary more. Draggin jeans or similar as a bare minimum, textiles, and leather are all good. Leather stretches, so don't be afraid to go tight.

    Helmets need to comply to Aus Standards for them to be Road legal, so don't pay $100-$600 for an overseas noncompliance helmet.
    Heaps of thread on here about it.
  3. Where are you from? Can't really give you an idea of where to buy stuff if we don't know where you live. :)

    Go leather. It will withstand and hold up far better then any textile jacket you can get. They are more expensive but certainly worth it. Generally get a jacket that's nice and tight - it should be a snug fit all around. Leather will give over time so a jacket that may feel a little tight today will be perfect in a few weeks. Textile will do the job if that's all you can afford though. Regardless, try and get one with shoulder, back and elbow protectors. ;)

    Proper motorcycle boots all the way. Your trainers will do nothing at all. Get a pair of boots that are nice tight/comfortable fit. They will give a little so don't by them if they feel at all loose. They should offer some sort of calf, shin and ankle protection. You should be able to find a pair for around $200-300 that offer good protection.
  4. Cheapest place to buy gear is second hand off the likes of ebay (or Netrider). For new gear there are various discount outlets around, depends on where you live.

    Textile can offer the same protection as leather (or in some cases better), but usually only works once. Leather is more durable, but less practical - it's not waterproof and not that great at keeping heat in or out. Buy whichever you're most likely to wear, leather for occasional riding, textile if you plan on riding all year.

    Foot and leg protection is most important for newbies, since you're far more likely to have low speed drops resulting in your leg/foot getting between the bike and the road when you're just starting out.
  5. Best place to buy gear will depend on where you are but for items that you know will fit ebay and some overseas sites can offer good prices - a false economy though if you get sizing wrong.

    I'm not aware if textile or leather offers better protection but imagine much of it would come down to the quality of each material used by the manufacturer and how it is put together - stitching etc.

    I would not suggest trainers are sufficient. There are a number of casual looking riding boots that although don't offer the same level of protection of race bred boots do at least provide some ankle protection. The best of both worlds I suppose if you intend to use the bike as means of transport rather than just a weekend toy.
  6. cheap isn't always good!
    if your in Vic, AMX is usually OK.
  7. Sorry guys, I should have mentioned- I'm from Sydney!!

    Thanks for all your replies. Sounds like I need boots and I'm thinking a textile jacket- with the protectors. Can you actually walk around in the boots though or do you need a change of shoes?
  8. Generally the sole of a boots are quite solid - they don't bend or flex like a normal shoe would. You can walk in them but it's not something you would probably want to walk too far in. I'm quite happy to walk around in mine a little bit but I don't think I'd be too keen on doing it all day. Everyone is different though.

  9. What places in Sydney are good to buy gear at?
    I notice there are a few rip-off places around, whereas online tends to offer better prices.
  10. MCAS Superstore in Auburn... I went thgere the other week, they were pretty much on a par with some online prices for the last season gear I was looking at. Also, they still even done a deal for me on top of it as well. No harm in going in and checking out the fit of gear anyway.