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Where to buy gear in the city (Melb)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Drew, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. i need to buy some wet weather pants... got drenched in myt draggins today.
    so given i'm going to have limited time after work i have to buy in the city.

    So who and where??

    i know PS is there and will most likely have what i need. But I know others exist as well.

    Looking at somethin water and cold proof...so a bit more than plastic overpants.

  2. How much do you want spend - i have (and wore today) rjays overpants I think $70 - w/proof but don't add a lot of warmth. Or you can go for motodry duo pants, or dri rider equivalent for around $150.
    There are several shops just up and down from PS - Are you actually in the city.
  3. i'm in North Melbourne.. (about 1 minute ride from Sumoto )

    so CBD is likely to be my best bet.

    looking at about $150 or so. Need the extra wormth due to the abount of Highway riding I do.... it gets cold at night. guess i should race into Elizabeth st after work then....... try and find somewhere to park and do a quick run up and down the street......

    got to be in Heidelberg @ 6:00 for school.
  4. You might need to check the closing times. If i am not to bold You are commuting from kyneton? - if your going to travelback tonight after school and don't get your pants- give me a call (i'll pm the number) and i'll loan you a pair. I'm in avondale heights, you can grab them on the way thru. Good Luck
  5. yeah i commute on Mondays.

    will make a break from work at about 3:30 so gives me some time for shopping.

    well be heading back home around 10......

    thanks for the offer of a loaner.... will give you a call if i need them.
  6. Drew, I arrive work dry this morning :LOL: except for the gloves.. I've got one of those weather-proof type RST pants.. I think they are about the same price range.. kept me warm in cold days as well.. Probably a little bit too warm in summer...

    A couple of shops near PS have different stuff to check out.. Mars leathers also stock some dririder stuff.

    Good luck..
  7. where is mars leathers... heard them mentioned but never a location?

    warm is good.... can always take em off when i get where i'm going..... draggins underneath.
  8. Drew, mars leathers is in Elizabeth st, just down a little bit from PS :)
  9. cheers....although i think the city is going to be mad at that time.....got no choice so i'll have to get in there.

    is there a good place to park??? or do i just pick a friendly piece of footpath?? :LOL:
  10. There is designated bike parking in elizabeth st, right near Lonsdale st :)
    Head down Peel street past the vic market, turn left into Lonsdale and then as soon as you turn left into Elizabeth there is the bike parking area, right near the corner. :)
  11. Footpath is the safe option. The Nordic 4 DriRiders are okay, but check the fit first. Anything Cordura I believe will still leak if the water pools, like on your crouch. Plastic overpants should completely prevent that.
  12. didn't seem to pool much this morning... just wet and cold from windchill.
  13. well i'm now the happy owner of a pair of motodry pants. Very toasty and dry

    Dri rider ones just never fitted properly

    cheers for the advise and to Mithel for the offer of a loaner pair.
  14. Cool.. glad to hear that Drew. Price OKay?
  15. Glad you got what you needed.
  16. Yep, got looked after nicely at Mars leathers. Great guys to deal with.... i think i tried on half his stock before i found what i needed.