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Where to buy gear in Sydney?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by lornetkowiec, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. Hey everyone I get my licence in 2 weeks (woo hoo!!) and I'm looking to buy all my gear (helmet, jacket, gloves, pants etc) real soon. Can anyone tell me a good place to go buy my gear in Sydney?? Hopefully somewhere with friendly staff/good prices who won't try to rip off a newb? Thanks

  2. mcas, action and bikebiz in parramatta are all in 2 to 5 minutes of each other.
    Another couple of minutes and there is Team Moto on the Parramatta Road
  3. go to mcas wentworth ave in the city their great.
  4. parramatta is great, its got mcas/bikebiz and action

    bikebiz has the largest selection, action usually has dainese jackets on sale (save hundreds) and mcas have great helmets.


  5. Buy from US websites. Much cheaper, far better range.

    Except the helmet.
  6. If you head out Castle Hill way, visit Motorcycle Accessory Warehouse (MAW) down the back of 8 Victoria Rd complex.

    Their prices are generally good and they'll give you 10% discount straight up for your first 3 months while you gear up as a learner.

    Might not seem like much, but when i was gearing, Draggins were $220 in parra and MAW had theirs at $200 and then 10% off.

    They've always been friendly, spent time explaining the gear and they were pretty good at remembering me when i visited (the other stores seemed to always have different staff on).
  7. Find the size of what you need, have a look on eBay, after shipping its still much cheaper than some of the stuff that the stores like MCAS or Action carry
  8. +1 on Motorcycle Accessory Warehouse in Castle Hill. So far I have bought a number of items and gotten 10% off everything also (still on L's). I dealt with a girl called Sam.
    Cheers, Ray
  9. As of approx three weeks ago the Parramatta Road Team Moto is now Bikebiz. Apparently they'll be keeping Kwaka and pushing Triumph from the existing BBiz to the para rd location.
  10. Budget Bikes at Yagoona is good too.

    Speak to Marco - hes exceptional.

    I got a X11 for 980