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Where to buy Dynaplug in Australia?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by Mr Owl PhD, Dec 6, 2015.

  1. Got a screw in my tyre looks pluggable and I've done some researching and I think the dynaplug looks like the best candidate but I can only find it as an import and I need it quickly. So I'm hoping someone here can tip me off to an Aussie supplier.

    Otherwise would I be better off getting it professionally repaired, I'm a bit leery of these rubber cement and plug solutions.
  2. Bike shops and super crap auto sell a range of tyre repair kits ... Screw type and reemer type!
  3. Don't buy it. they leak.
    Go get some snots, the insertion tool, and allis well for the life of the tyre.
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  4. You mean one of these with the glue? What about ones that say they auto vulcanise with the tyre rubber?

    I was thinking maybe these ones would be the go if I got an insertion tool.
  5. Yes, the links you posted are the snots. Glue not necessary if you plug and ride straight away to vulcanise. Here is a tip..don't buy eBay cheap shit. Buy a high quality insertion tool and reamer, preferably steel with steel handles. The reaming and plugging requires a fair bit of force and if you have cheap plastic junk, they often break.
  6. I'll second the suggestion that the mushroom plug style leak. I thought they looked great so got some to try, but ended up punching the stupid thing out because it wouldn't stop leaking over a week or so and replaced it with a rope one, problem solved.
  7. OK I needed something quickly so I got a standard reamer and inserter $20 kit from slaughterbarn and disposed of the shitty snots and rubber cement. The local motorcycle tyre guy had some proper self vulcanising strings and it worked like a charm I see they are available ebay from the US. I thought I was gonna be up for a new tyre.

    These are the ones I got they're called 'Safety Seal' and they look pretty good.