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where to buy compression guage (syd)+ troublshooting smoke

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Zbike, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. Where can i buy a compression guage. Or maybe someone could lend me one.
    I cant oreder one BTW cause i need to get this fixed asap as i will have no transport by wenesday

    My project bike is blowing smoke in one cylinder May be collant but i think its oil.

    Im guna check the clerances and springs maybe they r leaking oil in, with a filler gauge

    I want a compression gauge cause i think the rings might have scuffed up and if the compression is low i will know for sure

    If i dont find the problem it must be the gasket and ill replace that
  2. I'm tempted to say go to super cheap and get one but you were a bit of a tosser about the manual, so I hope you're smart enough to work this one out yourself. :)
  3. most car shops and tool shops will sell them. You may have problems finding one that will fit.

    My bike runs 12mm (from memory) spark plugs and my compression tester doesn't fit it. PIA. I imagine your's will be the same.

    I think I did find one, but it wasn't cheap as I needed to buy a pretty extensive kit, just to get the fitting for my bike.

    There are ones that are push in rubber types, but getting the rubber bit small enough may be difficult. Getting it down a DOHC plug hole may prove even more difficult.

    If you do get one and live in the Liverpool region, let me know. I may pester you.
  4. btw a leaking head gasket and valves not seating properly will also show up as low compression.

    All it will tell you is you need to at least pull the head off and have a look at cylinder x (, y and z).
  5. my bad after tryin 30 links and spendin a day looking for it i couldnt find it.
    and havin my bike stollen doesnt put me in the best of moods

    If i could just get the cauge i could modifify it to fit a small spark plug (Drill the center of the plug and attach the tube and guage.
  6. if you can't get one locally I have some and the converters for 12 and 10mm plugs.
  7. Fleabay, no i mean ebay. Overseas of course. They are pretty cheap, and currency makes it a better deal atm.
  8. Got one from autopro blacktown (good service) took em half an hour to get it in for me.

    I know i could have got one half the price but i dont have the time to wait as i need my new bike up and running yesterday cost me $150

    adapters are 10mm my GPX or CBR 250
    then i think there is a 12 or 14 not sure
    plus 2 rubber bent ones that u can force into the hole
    plus a extension cable lettin u get it past the valves

    On the bad side my gpx has compression off 100 psi with the kick starter going (not good supposed to be 150-200)

    Does anyone know what rmp u r supposed to measure compression at im sure ur just supposed to use the starter

    Woot my vacume gauge came in aswell
  9. To carry out comp test, remove ALL plugs and insert the comp gauge in the suspect cylinder, then ensure bike is in neutral, and crank it over until the gauge reading won't rise any further> That is the compression for that cylinder.
    Repeat the process for each cylinder.

    If you find low comp anywhere, pour some (clean) oil down the bore of that cylinder maybe a couple of table spoons and wait a minute or so for it to settle onto the piston and rings, then complete the comp test a 2nd time.

    Compare the readings between the 2 tests, if after putting the oil down the bore the comp has increased, you have piston/ring/bore issue. If the comp doesn't change, you have a valve/gasket/cracked head issue.
  10. Need to make sure cranking speed is about the same for each test so make sure the battery is in good nick.
  11. Thanks thats a very good tip, i was planing on tearing it apart and using a filler gauge. But that is much better. as it would tell me roughly how worn my rings and pistons r