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Where to buy clothing

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by swaz, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. I am a new rider (doing my L's test next week) and want to find some suitable riding gear.
    Can anyone suggest some online stores or some good places to find 2nd hand gear.
    Ebay, trading post and here are already my ports of call so far.

  2. ok i dont have my licence (going for one soon) but like any other forum, please use the search function.

    :grin: :grin:

  3. As above, the search function should give you some good places to start.

    Work out your size by going into the shops and trying stuff on. Then head over to http://www.ridersdiscount.com/ and see how much you can save. For example, I paid just under $300 for my boots and bought some waterproof Teknic Violators for $302 delivered. I haven't found many sites in Au which sell them, so it's a good bargain.

    It sounds like you want to keep costs down, but do not skimp on your gear. If you can scrounge up 1K, you should be able to kit yourself out in some pretty good gear.

    So far, I've spent close to $1700 on gear, with a back protector on its way. It's an investment, not a cost.
  4. ^^^^
    What he said! :applause:
  5. Thanks guys
    I did use the seach function but didnt turn up any specific sites. Might have to hone my searching skills a bit.
    I went to a bike clothing store near me yesterday and priced some stuff. They claim to be a discount store, which means nothing to me as I dont know specific prices for gear. 2nd hand looks like a good option also!
    Worked out:
    Shoes $179 - down deom $300 apparently, last one left.
    Jacket- Jacket. Rivet brand, Removable liner and waterproof $220
    Pants $179. Thick Cordura type with hard pads.
    Helmet- $200. Going to get whatever feels comfortable. Just happens the $200 one felt the best.
    Gloved- $100. Am assuming these are good to wear.

    I am a cyclist so have lots of that type of stuff, but there is a massive different between 40km/h on a bicycle and 70km/h on a motorbike.
    Based on the prices above I figure $800 new but if I can pick up some items 2nd hand or online cheap I can reduce that a fair bit.
  6. +1 Four40
  7. So far, your list looks good. I can't comment on second hand gear, but as long as it's serviceable and hasn't been used in crashes too many times, go for it.

    Buy your helmet new though. The last thing you want to find out is that the second hand helmet has been dropped a few times and doesn't do a proper job of protecting your head.

    What brand of gloves are you getting? I paid $100 for my Dri Rider Storm gloves and they've been great so far. Even in the rain.
  8. I just bought a pair of A-Star S-MX Plus boots from sportbiketrackgear.com (via their ebay store). They retail for around $AUD470. Got 'em for $US230 + $US45 shipping ($AUD295). Delivered to my doorstep in 4 business days. It was the 1st time I bought bike gear over the net, so I was stressing out. However, this particular store provided great service. I highly recommend them.

    I'm usually a Size 42, however in A*, I had to go up to Size 43. Wore em around the house so I can get used to them.

    Went for a qucik spin today. They felt good by the end of the ride. Need to get used to wearing a proper riding boot. My last boots were the RJays "basketball" style boot.