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Where to buy Carbie Cleaner - Fuel Additive

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by R66, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. Hey All

    I have tried a few bikes shops and none of them had any, one had never heard of the stuff???

    So where do I buy carbie cleaner (for fuel tank additive) from?

    Can you use a car carbie cleaner additive?

  2. Repco, Auto barn, etc,etc.
  3. Fuel already contains detergents for cleaning the fuel system (particularly the premium fuels) - adding anything extra is really just wasting money.
    What you can buy at most auto stores however is aerosol carb cleaner you spray down the throats of the carb - not as effective as pulling the carbs down and cleaning them properly but can definitely make a difference.
  4. Some of the pour in additives are better than others. We use the Wynns fuel system cleaner and i have found it to be a little more potent than the others. The fuel system cleaner costs about $12.00 and an aersol can of carby cleaner costs about $10.00.
  5. A lot of Servo's have the in tank ones. go to one near a HWY or something. they should have somehting
  6. Great thanks for the info!

    I have sprayed the throats with carbie cleaner but thought it cld be worth trying the fuel additive

  7. Sorry mate, I've had excellent experience with additives for cleaning carbs and fuel injected cars out. The amount they supposedly add to fuel doesn't do a whole hell of a lot, I think it's just enough so they can say "Yeah, we have it!"
    Oh yeah, I use and love Nulon Total fuel syetem cleaner.

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. Well I don't know for sure how much detergent is contained in petrol. But I do know that using an aftermarket product is only adding around 600-1000ppm (0.06-0.1%) of active ingredient if you add a standard 300ml bottle (which is only 10-30% active ingredient) to an average 50L tank. You could easily call that only just enough to say it's in there ;) :p. Point is if you're using decent fuel you shouldn't need to add fuel system cleaners - but spray cleaner (or dismantling the carb and doing it properly) will get at dried deposits that don't come into contact with the fuel system (ie stuff that gets blown back up the throats of the carb).
  9. Agree the proper pull down and clean is the way to go(mind you, I buy lacquer thinners and soak all the metal parts in a tub), just stating I have had good results with the bottle concentrates. However, I don't tend to follow the mixing ratios on the bottles, usually 500ml to 20 litres :shock: if it needs a good clean up.

    Regards, Andrew.